NOKIA 808 PureView Launch and it’s New software !

Nokia 808 PureView needs no introduction. The best handset of MWC 2012 , the Best Camera phone in the world with a 41MP sensor!

Nokia PureView announced this MWC 2012 by Nokia is finally reaching the stores and users will finally be able to get their hands on it. The real N8′s successor with a technology seen never before running it’s Cam and Rich Recording makes this device a unique and a surprisingly entertaining device. The 41 MP cam with carl Zeiss can no doubt be used for Serious Photography and with so many features like NFC, mHDMI, FM Transmitter , the device is a huge tech monster.

It’s finally up on pre-order but something interesting about the device now is that it is seen with a firmware version higher than the one which was initially on the 808 at the time of MWC. Have a look at the pic:

The version is v112.020.0004 which was initially thought as Symbian Carla its the Nokia Belle FP1 as Nokia calls it. The new version means new improvements and new features manybe? The Symbian Belle FP1 on the 1.3Ghz , Nokia 808 is already very very smooth and this is certainly one of the smoothest Symbian devices ever made.

Millions of Symbian users and people are waiting for this BIG leap towards the future of Mobile Photography and people are much excited to get the product. The product is finally up on pre-order at some stores at a very reasonable price.

It’s up for pre-order at Verkkokauppa and Netherlands and more countries might follow.

Let’s wait and see how this device does. Let us know what you think, comment below


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