Nokia Lumia 710: How to play music from the cloud

We think the Nokia Lumia 710 is a brilliant smartphone for enjoying music on with Nokia Music, Zune and the Windows Phone OS providing a comprehensive yet streamlined listening experience. But did you know you could also store and play music from the cloud? Read on to find out how.

How to stop the music player

The Nokia Lumia 710 really is set up to tickle your eardrums – though of course that depends largely on your musical tastes!

The default Windows Phone music player is a think of beautiful simplicity. The way it sits there in the background, ready to be summoned with the volume button (or on the lockscreen) is a thing of understated beauty. And which other smartphone platform lets you listen to and download free personalised radio playlists (that’s Nokia Music, in case you were wondering)?

One service that’s become a bit of a buzz word in recent months is cloud-based music. This means music that’s stored, not on your device, but on a remote server. You then call for the music as and when you need it, either streaming or downloading it to order.

Did you know that you can do this on your Nokia Lumia 710 too? Well you can – with a little knowhow and a handy app called Cloud Music, which can be had for 99p on the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Cloud Music actually takes advantage of an existing service that comes with your Nokia Lumia 710, SkyDrive. This offers 25GB of free online storage for photos, videos, documents – and now music.

Once you’ve downloaded the Cloud Music app, you’ll need to upload some music to your SkyDrive account. To do this, first log in and create a new folder titled ‘Music’. Then, create a folder within Music with the artist’s name, then another within this with the album name. Now you can just drag and drop your selected music tracks into this folder. Just ensure that the track names are always preceded by the right track numbers (01, 02 etc.), and that they’re in either MP3 or AAC format.

If you want a background artist image to show up in the Cloud Music app, like in the Zune and Nokia Music apps, just add a relevant jpeg file to the artist folder. In the same way, you can add album artwork as a jpeg to the album folder.

Next you need to boot up the Cloud Music app itself, where you’ll be asked to sign in to your Windows Live account. Now hit Yes to allow access to your SkyDrive account, then select Continue to start searching your SkyDrive account for the tracks you’ve uploaded. All the tracks you added should now be available to pull from the cloud!

If you opt to play any of these tracks now they’ll stream over your network connection. Alternatively you can go into the options menu and elect to download tracks, or you can download albums and tracks to your Lumia 800’s internal storage on an individual basis. If you make full use of this feature, you’ll effectively quadruple the amount of storage space for your music.

Let us know how you get on with this method in the Comments section below.


One thought on “Nokia Lumia 710: How to play music from the cloud

  1. Dear sir/ madam
    I use Nokia lumia 710 and I download music using uc browser but im not able to play music and do other task from phone at the same time. Eg view pictures and listen music.
    Please reply

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