Nokia Lumia 610 vs Nokia C7: How Nokia’s affordable smartphone cousins compare

The Nokia Lumia 610 will be a pioneering device for Nokia as the first affordable Windows Phone and the first with NFC capabilities. But it also appears to share some of its design cues with an established Nokia great, the Nokia C7. Read on as we compare the two.

Nokia Lumia 610 and NFC – why it’s a game changer

It certainly seems as if the Nokia Lumia 610 and the Nokia C7 are related at an initial glance. They share the same curvy looks and a similarly tapered lower end. But underneath these superficial similarities they’re very different beasts, as we shall find out.


The Nokia C7 impressed us all with its 3.5-inch AMOLED display, which it shares with the likes of the Nokia N8. While the Nokia Lumia 610 doesn’t boast the same colourful AMOLED technology, it does trump its cousin in a couple of vital areas.

For one thing the Nokia Lumia 610’s LCD screen is a little bigger than the C7’s at 3.7-inches. That’s the same size as both the Nokia Lumia 710’s and the Nokia Lumia 800’s, so it’s in good company.

Secondly – and we’d argue most importantly – the Nokia Lumia 610’s display is significantly sharper than the Nokia C7’s. With an 800 x 480 resolution (the C7’s is just 640 x 480) its pixels are far more densely packed, giving text and images alike a far cleaner and sharper look.


The Nokia Lumia 610’s processor is comfortably more capable than the Nokia C7’s. While the older device has a 680MHz CPU, the newer Lumia 610 runs on an 800MHz variant. That’s not all – the Lumia 610 uses a far more advanced GPU to push around fancy 3D graphics. Both of these processors are backed up by 256MB of RAM.


While it would seem as if the Nokia C7’s 8-megapixel camera gets the upper hand over the Nokia Lumia 610’s 5-megapixel variant, that isn’t necessarily the case. You see, the Nokia C7 uses an EDoF (Extended Depth of Field) camera, which brings everything into focus beyond a certain point. This is grand for general mid-distance shots, but close-ups are a little trickier.

The Nokia Lumia 610, by contrast, uses autofocus, and so is far more flexible with shooting distances. Both cameras can handle 720p video recording, but the Lumia benefits from the streamlined and speedy Windows Phone camera interface and cloud storage capabilities.


Speaking of the OS, that’s the biggest differentiator between these two fine phones. Indeed, it’s the presence of Windows Phone 7.5 on the Nokia Lumia 610 that leads us to recommend it over the Nokia Belle-sporting Nokia C7.

Windows Phone makes everything easier, from taking pictures to checking your emails and on to downloading the latest apps. Facebook and Twitter have been seamlessly integrated into the experience, and the Live Tile system means you can get important information without even having to open an app!

So, if it comes to straight choice between these NFC-toting smartphone cousins, we’d go with the Nokia Lumia 610 every time. It’s quicker, slicker, and simply more pleasant to use thanks to that revolutionary Windows Phone 7.5 OS.



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