Don’t panic: Nokia 808 PureView remains priceless!

Think you know how much the Nokia 808 PureView is going to cost? If you’ve been basing your ideas on recent retail reports, you’re wrong!

How does Nokia 808 PureView technology truly work?

That’s the line we’ve had from our very own Nokia source. You might have noticed that one or two minor retailers have been making noises about the Nokia 808 PureView pricing, as if they have inside information.

We can confirm that they haven’t. In fact, our source at the big N tells us that they’ve got it completely wrong! It’s the same message that’s coming from Pocket-lint’s Nokia source, so you can rest assured it’s on the money.

It’s easy to see why there’s so much buzz and speculation around the Nokia 808 PureView price though. It’s unlike any other smartphone we’ve seen, with a truly groundbreaking camera unit that obliterates everything that’s gone before it.

In case you were somehow in the dark on this, the Nokia 808 PureView will come with a staggering 41-megapixel sensor. This doesn’t mean you’ll be able to print off massive pictures the size of your living room wall (well you might be able to, but why would you want to?). Rather, this megapixel-count is used for oversampling – combining many pixels to form one perfect pixel.

While the true megapixel count is around five, then, it’ll be the sharpest, clearest picture you’ve ever seen produced by a smartphone.

With innovative technology like this, it’s easy to see why speculation is rife as to how much the Nokia Belle-running Nokia 808 PureView will cost. We’ll learn soon enough, suffice to say for now that the current reports doing the rounds are some way off the mark.


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