Nokia Suite 3.4.27 beta hands-on photos

The Nokia Suite 3.4.27 beta has arrived at Nokia Beta Labs, adding extra features, increasing performance and letting you update your Symbian^3 or Symbian Anna phone to the latest Nokia Belle software. Here’s why you need to update.

Nokia 808 PureView Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 set for Nokia 603, 700 and 701 smartphones

If you’ve been using Nokia Suite in the last day or so you’ll have noticed a new update. If not you’ll need to head over to the Nokia Suite and update to version 3.4.27 right now. It’s easy to do so and can be downloaded in no time at all.

Nokia Suite 3.4.27 beta lets you update your Nokia Symbian^3 and Symbian Anna device to the latest Nokia Belle software, and better organise your files.

The update also brings with it the ability to conveniently organise photos and videos by date and time, and copy multimedia messages from your Nokia phone to Nokia Suite. The latter being a handy feature for keeping any picture messages you’ve grown emotionally attached to.

Users may also download free apps, games and entertainment such as movie trailers from the Nokia Store view via Nokia Suite. You will also hide your personal information from the home view, and sync between Mozilla Firefox 12 and Mozilla Thunderbird 12 and your Nokia handset.

Have you updated yet? You can grab the update over at the Nokia Suite 3.4 Beta for Windows page at Nokia Beta labs.

Check out our photo gallery below to see what the update should look like:

Nokia Suite 3.4.27 BetaNokia Suite 3.4.27 BetaNokia Suite 3.4.27 BetaNokia Suite 3.4.27 Beta

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