Nokia Lumia 800 with Windows Phone: Top 5 social apps

The Nokia Lumia 800 with Windows Phone is the finest phone yet for being social, thanks to the way you can integrate your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. With the People hub telling you what’s new, it’s easy to keep on top of things. But what about social apps? Well, the Nokia Lumia 800 is well served there too!

Top Pinterest apps for Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone

When we talk about social apps we’re talking about apps that are designed specifically to get you connected and get you talking with your friends and other people. Here are five of our favourites.



As we hinted at in the intro, the Nokia Lumia 800 integrates Twitter nicely, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll want to do without a dedicated Twitter app – particularly if you live and breath the social network. To that end we recommend Carbon as one of if not the best solution.

Among Carbon’s many features, it includes in-line image and video previews, so you can get a sneak peek without leaving your timeline. Responding to tweets is as easy as giving them a double tap, and you can pin individual accounts to the start menu with a live tile. There’s loads more, but the key thing is that Carbon is so nice to look at and use. It’s a thing of understated beauty that fits perfectly on Windows Phone.



Of all the major social networks, Foursquare is the only one whose official app we’re going to feature here. Admittedly that’s partly because there aren’t really any third party alternatives, but also it’s a great app!

Foursquare lets you ‘check-in’ to places using your phone’s GPS, and share your exploits with other people. Checking in awards you points and badges, so it kind of becomes a game. This app gives you all the functionality of the service, with nicely presented check-ins (just tap a location), stat summaries and recommendations for nearby places. It’s all delivered in exemplary Metro UI fashion, too.



WhatsApp isn’t what  you’d call a social network, but it does help millions of people connect in a way that can’t be ignored. The name of the game here is IM – instant messaging. It’s like texting, but conversations are presented in real time and it won’t eat into your text allowance. You can also easily add attachments to your messages, including pictures, audio files and even videos.

The best bit about it is that WhatsApp works across platforms, so you can talk you your mates regardless of which phone they have. Set-up is easy too – you don’t have to sign up or anything, just install the app and type in your mobile number. The app will then scan your contacts and tell you exactly who is using WhatsApp for an instant connection!



The latest addition to the social network elite is a service call Pinterest. It lets you pin images and articles that you find interesting to a kind of virtual pinboard. Friends and others in the Pinterest community can then comment on what you’ve uncovered. As with something like Twitter,  you can build a network of people you find interesting – and you don’t necessarily have to know them.

Anyway, there’s no official Pinterest app on Windows Phone 7 yet. Pinsation is one of the best third party efforts, and it’s a very polished effort. You can check out your preferred Pinteresters, explore by subject and see what’s trending. When it comes to being proactive you can Like, Repin, Share and Save your favourite images, and even take a picture and pin it to your Pinterest account.



A bit of a departure, this one, but we have a sizeable soft spot for Foodspotting. It’s not as big as the social network giants and it’s a whole lot more limited, but it nails the social brief in a fresh way.

Food spotting is a way to find out what’s good to eat in your vicinity through user reviews – but there’s one notable twist. Rather than restaurant reviews, users in the Foodspotting community post pictures and impressions of specific dishes! This way you can find the best steak in Manchester or the best muffin in east London. It’s an ingenious idea, and it’s executed with some style in this gorgeous-looking app.


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