Nokia’s official portal dedicated to Lumia software updates is showing-up that here is a post 1600.2487.8107.12070 update “Under Creation” for the Nokia Lumia 800 on Vodafone.

According to NOKIA this is the much awaited firmware update that will bring Wi-Fi Tethering feature to Lumia 800 smartphone and it looks like that Vodafone will probably be the first one to roll out this update to its users. The Tethering feature was introduced in the Windows Phone “Mango” update and Lumia 610 and Lumia900 both reportedly support Internet sharing/tethering out the box.

In previous article Nokia Conversations has already confirmed that WiFi Tethering is coming soon to Lumia 800 smartphone.

“I know some of you are keen to know when features like WiFi tethering will be available.  We can’t confirm at this stage exactly when it will be delivered, but rest assured it is on its way.  I hope you will agree that we’ve prioritized those enhancements that will give everyone the most enjoyment out of their Lumia 800.”


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