Nokia PureView (NOKIA 808) -The story in the detail

The next breakthrough in photography

Nokia 808 PureView camera smartphone
Global Mobile Awards 2012

Pure. Quality.

It’s time to think differently about photography. Nokia PureView imaging technology turns the world of photography upside down. It takes every bit of image goodness captured by a 41MP sensor and Carl Zeiss lens and turns it into beautifully detailed 5MP images and Full HD videos. Be ready to shoot and share with friends in an instant – all from a rather clever smartphone.


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How good can 5MP be?

It’s not how many pixels you have, it’s what you do with them. PureView imaging technology concentrates and enhances the quality of 8 pixels into 1 for super sharp, clear 5MP photos with a compressed file size that’s ready to share.

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How PureView works:
Nokia 808 PureView

Capture more moments

Once in a lifetime means just that. Reach for the camera shutter button on the Nokia 808 PureView and it’s ready to shoot in less than a second to make sure you alwayscapture the action as it happens. The world is full of stories of what might have been – but with the Nokia 808 PureView, yours won’t be one of them.


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Nokia 808 PureView

Instant sharing

Pity the photos lying hidden on PCs or old phones. The Nokia 808 PureView lets you share your images and videos instantly with the world. Send photos or videos straight to Facebook or Flickr in the perfect file size or tap to another phone using NFC. You can even hook up to a High Definition TV via HDMI or wireless streaming for a real big screen showing.


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Nokia 808 PureView

Make more of your images

Give your pictures and videos a whole new social life with a range of brilliant apps for Nokia 808 PureView. Get real-time feedback to your photos with GetMeRated, update your networks with pictures using Pikchur, watch and share high-quality videos with Vimeo, or even create real postcards from your images with Postcard on the Run. Just visit Nokia Store to download the apps and start sharing.


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Don’t be afraid of the dark

Never miss the moment. Nokia 808 PureView comes equipped with a Carl Zeiss lens and 41MP megapixel image sensor to maximise available light and create amazing quality images that are comparable to an SLR.

Bright flash for low light

The drama of the darkness or a fun night out is always a photographic challenge. With the Nokia 808 PureView you’ve got a powerful Xenon flash and LED video light on your side, ready for spontaneous moments when spirits are high and the lights are low.


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Nokia 808 PureView

Pure Dolby surround sound

The Nokia 808 PureView captures crisp, clear audio, including low bass sounds that normal camera phone microphones simply won’t pick up. In fact, it can record up to a thumping 140 decibels without distortion – that’s just like a jet plane taking off. It’s also the first smartphone to feature Dolby® Headphone, so you can plug in any stereo headphones and listen in pure Dolby surround sound.


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Nokia 808 PureView

It’s a supersmart smartphone

The Nokia 808 PureView brings you all the clever features you’d expect from a Nokia smartphone. Find your way with Nokia Maps. Enjoy the latest games and entertainment apps. Or simply set up life your way with business and social networking features from speedy latest version of Nokia Belle.

Take a closer look at the Nokia 808 PureView


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Photos taken with the Nokia 808 PureView: detail and depth never seen before


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