Best free “Ninja games” ready to hit your Nokia Lumia 900 !

There’s not long to go now until we can get our hands on the Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone. Till then we’ve been biding our own sweet time thinking about some of the awesome games we will be playing on it, like these. Here are the best Ninja games to download from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Nokia N8 Belle: Best console-inspired games

Why ninjas? Because everyone loves ninjas. That’s as good a reason for us to pick out our favourite ninja games for the Nokia Lumia 900. All free, all fabulous. Check ‘em out.

Star Ninja Free 

Size: 18 MB
Up against no-good pirates and armed with razor sharp ninja stars the aim is to knock out all baddies using a combination of ninja-like reflexes and accuracy. With 50 colourful action-filled levels and four game modes Star Ninja Free is an absolute bargain.

Kung Fu FIGHT! Free 

Size: 7 MB
It might look like something from out of the 80’s but that’s why we love Kung Fu FIGHT! so much. It’s just like playing something from yesteryear. The retro graphics and simple ‘jump’, ‘slide’ and ‘attack’ controls make for simple fun suitable for the smallest of journeys.

Pandas vs Ninjas 
Size: 18 MB
The tables are somewhat turned on the ninjas here. They’ve lost their discipline and have been attacking those poor Pandas homeland. Siding with the furry friends the aim is to take on the ninja invaders in this very Angry Birds-esque game.

Ninja Shooter

Size: 5 MB
Rekindling an age old feud (how old we don’t know, OK) the Pandas and Ninjas go to war in this colourful bubble shooter. In truth this is nothing like war: instead it’s a fun puzzle game capable of eating away enough of your time and concentration to make you miss your train stop, if you’re not careful.

Shuriken Ninja 

Size: 10 MB
The very highly-rated shuriken-slinging title for your Nokia Lumia 900 has already notched up over 400,000 downloads. It features over 150 levels of target-hotting fun, an in-game level creator, and three different game modes to hone your ninja-like accuracy.

Size: 25MB
This tilt and touch game is a challenging journey of epic proportions. It’ll have you swaying your Nokia Lumia back and forth like across 50 very cool levels filled with enemies and obstacles. With no-onscreen controls the screen is free from obstruction. Unlockable abilities make for a game with much replay ablity.

Got any favourite free Ninja games of your own that we’ve missed out? Let us know. What other themes would you like us to pick from?


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