Nokia has introduced new pricing structure for Indian Nokia Store, thus reducing the prices of all paid apps across the store to increase value to consumers. Premium HD games are now available for as low as 5 to 10 Rs. over Indian Nokia Store.

New pricing for Indian Nokia Store:

New pricing for Indian Nokia Store brings further value to consumers, while business opportunities increase with launch of on-device Store downloads via two leading Indian Mobile Operators

As part of Nokia’s focus on driving the best possible consumer experience in Nokia Store, the pricing structure for pay-per-download content items purchased from Nokia Store India will be changed, effective 24th April 2012. The new pricing structure will see the cost of content items reduced to increase value to consumers.  This comes as two of India’s biggest mobile operators  prepare, for the first time, to offer their consumers the opportunity to purchase items directly from their Nokia device. This represents huge opportunities to further grow your distribution, and business, in a key growth market.

Content items are categorized according to price band, or ‘bucket’, and we recommend that you check your current price band allocations to ensure your items are correctly categorized within the new pricing structure.

The new pricing structure and content items categories can be found here:

Read More Here :


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