Nokia KSA (Saudi Arabia) Lets Slip- Lumia Windows 8 Device in October 2012

I love a good “leak” especially when it comes directly from Nokia’s Saudi Arabia account- who more or less confirmed that an Arabic Lumia running Windows 8 will be available in October.  It’s worth noting that the original tweet inquiry was asking about when the Lumia 900 would be available; while the reply removed the specific model- which leads me to think that he was referring to a different set of Lumia devices.

Since Google Translate is Garbage I’ll translate for you:

  • “Can I know when the Lumia 900 will be availble in Saudi Arabia with full Arabic Support/System for WP?”
  • Nokia: “Nokia LUMIA phones will be available in Saudi Arabia in month #10 with 100% full Arabic Support- running on Windows 8- God Willing.”

So there you have it. Although the local Nokia stores here in Jordan are claiming that the Lumia 800 & 900 will be officially available in June (they are available in 3rd party stores- but not through official Nokia stores as they are still awaiting Arabic support).


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