Nokia Lumia 900 starter pack: Free apps

Next up in our Nokia Lumia 900 starter pack series we take a look at some of the free apps you should be downloading straight away. Each of these applications takes advantage of the Nokia Lumia 900’s key features – not to mention being extremely useful in their own right.

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Getting a good spread of apps on your Nokia Lumia phone is essential for expanding what you can do with the device, as well as for making the phone your own.

Each of the following apps adds a vital layer of usability to the already brilliant Windows Phone OS – and shows off the Nokia Lumia 900’s unique qualities into the bargain. Whether you’re taking advantage of that new front camera or showing showing off the 4.3-inch AMOLED screen, these apps will make your Lumia 900 sing.

YouTube Pro


Watching YouTube videos on the go is a major part of modern smartphone ownership. The good news is that the Nokia Lumia 900’s large AMOLED screen handles video content a treat. In truth, the YouTube app Microsoft provides isn’t up to much, but YouTube Pro is far better. Not only is it a great way to browser for video content, it also lets you download it for later.

Creative Studio

We’d recommend checking out the Nokia Collection in the Windows Phone Marketplace as a matter of priority once you get your Nokia Lumia 900, but this  Creative Studio app is of particular interest. You’ll be taking and sharing a lot of pictures thanks to that 8-megapixel camera, and Creative Studio allows you to fine tune the results with filters, editing tools and even a Panorama shot mode.



One of the key new features of the Nokia Lumia 900 that marks it out from the rest of the range is its front-facing camera. This opens up the possibility of video calls, and there’s no better (or more famous) video calling app than Skype! Make face-to-face calls over a data connection (3G or Wi-Fi) or just send an instant message, all through a beautifully intuitive interface.



Your Nokia Lumia 900 comes with excellent SkyDrive compatibility out of the box, allowing you to automatically store your photos in the cloud with a flick of a switch. However, this latest version of the SkyDrive app gives you even more control, letting you manage all of the files and folders you keep stored online with Microsoft’s free cloud storage tool.

Amazon Kindle


Another benefit of that 4.3-inch AMOLED screen is that text becomes clearer and even more pleasant to read. All your Nokia Lumia 900 needs is a decent piece of ebook reading software, which will be arriving soon in the form of Nokia Reading. Until then, there’s a fine Amazon Kindle app that gives you full access to hundreds of thousands of digital books. The Lumia 900 is the best Windows Phone device yet for viewing these.


The CNN app is worth having on your Nokia Lumia 900 as a news source, of course, but there’s one particular element that really suits Nokia’s new smartphone. This app lays on some of the finest video content of any Windows Phone app, but in terms of the picture quality and the standard and variety of the broadcasts themselves. It’s the best way to stay informed on your Lumia 900.

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