Best Windows Phone football games for your Nokia Lumia 900

The Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone comes packing a glorious 4.3-inch AMOLED touchscreen display perfect for playing games. Speaking of which, we’ve been browsing the Windows Phone Marketplace in search of our favourites. Today we’re looking at the best football games for the Nokia Lumia 900.

Nokia Lumia 900 – the ultimate gaming smartphone?

There are lots of fun football games to download to the Nokia Lumia 900. From full-blown football titles with real teams and national tournaments to table football, here are our some of our favourites.

PES 2012 
Size: 98MB
Cost: £3.99
The famous football franchise makes its move from console to the smartphone. PES 2012 translates reasonably well, bringing with it realistic animation, tactics and actual UEFA Club Competitions featuring the best teams in Europe. Online leaderboards let you prove your footballing skills against other PES 2012 players.

Air Soccer Tour 

Size: 15MB
Cost: Free
Everybody likes Air Hockey. Well, this is Air Soccer. It works on the same principle for football/soccer fans. You get to play on 12 soccer fields with an impressive 94 teams, as well as to compete against other Air Soccer Tour players through the worldwide leaderboards. The action is quick, so you’ll need to be on your toes (fingers).

Football Kicks 

Size: 16MB

Cost: £0.79
Away from the big match atmosphere, Football Kicks is all about fine-tuning those free-kicks. It’s about using all the skill and accuracy your fingers possess to score the perfect goal – simply flick your finger to score. It’s easier said than done, with points awarded for the best finger-flicking actions.

Table Soccer 3D

Size: 6MB
Cost: £0.79
You don’t need a fancy-Dan games room to play table football. You can do so on your Nokia Lumia 900. Table Soccer 3D has a physics engine that recreates the movements of real table football so that it feels like playing the real thing, only in the palm of your hands. A ‘Two balls’ mode adds some extra spice to the action in this one or two-player game of footy for your Nokia Lumia 900.

Paper Soccer 

Size: 7MB
Cost: £0.79
Time to step away from the blood, sweat and tears of the football field. Paper Soccer is a turn-based strategy game influenced by a classic pen and pencil game. A ball is drawn on an empty field, and players then make their move, drawing horizontal and diagonal lines. An extra move is gained from bouncing on the field’s borders or the ends of existing moves. The first player to the opponent’s goal wins.

Got any favourite Windows Phone football games of your own you’d like to share? Any that would play particularly well on the Nokia Lumia 900’s large screen? Let us know in the Comments section below.

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