Inside the colourful funky Nokia HQ, Silicon Valley (USA) !

It’s been quite some time since we heard about the SunnyVale Nokia HQ at Silicon Valley. The last picture I saw was of an old and unexciting looking building.

But it’s actually looking very fresh and colourful inside. The reception looks pretty standard but all the other rooms are funky looking.Looks like Nokia has used some good Civil Engineers in Designing and Construction.Considerably Nokia has got a big Gaming room,Arcade area too inside the Head Office.

Seeing the below pictures we get an essence that Nokia is providing the best possible equipment and Luxury’s to it’s workers !!

They’ve even got beds and wash area too.

There’s more pictures in this slideshow.

Apparently, fewer than 10 of the 500 employees there have a permanent work space in their shape shifting office.

It looks like a fun place to work, full of energy. It’s definitely not your standard cubicles approach. I hope these people are doing meaningful things at Nokia.


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