Nokia Lumia 900 starter pack: Best cases

So far we’ve discussed free apps and the best headphones for your Nokia Lumia 900 starter pack, and now we’re going to run through a few of the protective cases that are on offer. You’ll want to wrap your Nokia Lumia 900 up in cotton wool, but with these stylish protectors, that’s really not necessary.

Nokia Lumia 900 starter pack: Best headphones

The Nokia Lumia 900 is a rugged device that can handle life’s bumps and scrapes with considerable poise. Thanks to that all-in one polycarbonate shell it’s pretty resistant to nicks and scrapes.

But if you’re after that extra layer of protection – whether because you have an active lifestyle, a physical job or are just a little clumsy – there are already plenty of fine cases on the market. Here’s a selection that should cover pretty much every eventuality.

Nokia Soft Cover CC-1037

As always, Nokia is excellent at supporting its devices with accessories. The official Nokia Soft Cover CC-1037 for Nokia Lumia 900 (pictured) is a predictably stylish affair which – more than any other case on this page – preserves the clean lines and bold styling of the device itself. It’s made from a flexible soft-touch silicone that provides that extra layer of protection to the device’s back and sides. It can be had for around £6 online.


TPU Gel Skin Case

If you’re after the same kind of thing as the official Nokia Soft Cover but are more concerned about price than style, then check out the TPU Gel Skin Case from Qubits. It’s another soft case that protects the back and sides, but in a slightly more garish and shape-altering form! If you want protection at a very good price (£2.99 at the time of writing), give it a go.


Piel Frama iMagnum

From one end of the Nokia Lumia 900 case market to the other, the Piel Frama iMagnum is a suitably premium piece of kit for such a premium smartphone. While it’s a shame the Nokia Lumia 900’s striking shape will be covered, at least you get the added protection that this chunky fold-ove case will bring. Each case is hand-made with high quality leather, and features a rotatable belt clip. It’s the Rolls Royce of Nokia Lumia 900 cases – which means you’ll have to pay for the privilege. It’s £56 online at the time of writing.


Shocksock Reflective Sports Armband

How about if you want protection for your Nokia Lumia 900 while you’re out for a jog or working up a sweat in the gym? The Shocksock Reflective Sports Armband would be ideal for you. For just a tenner you get a case that fully encloses and protects the Nokia Lumia 900, while allowing you to strap it around your arm or wrist.



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