Top 5 unusual places for a Nokia Lumia 800, Nokia Lumia 710 to appear

We knew the Nokia Lumia 800 was as tough as it was stylish, and that the Nokia Lumia 710 was built of stern stuff, but we’ve still been surprised at some of the extreme places they’ve cropped up in! We take a look at some of the rough, unusual and downright hostile environments the Lumia range has braved.

Snowboarding meets The Matrix – and 18 Nokia 800s capture the result!

In Earth’s Stratosphere

As we learned in the recent Nokia UK pod-cast, when the university of Southampton wanted a tough smart device to help create balloon flight trajectory prediction software, they chose the Nokia Lumia 800. The project involved attaching it to a balloon and flying it 105,000 feet up into the Earth’s stratosphere!

Why choose the Lumia 800? “We knew the Lumia was very robust,” said a spokesman. “With other phones we’ve had to include an extra battery and a heater. We didn’t need to do that with the Lumia. It was the best.”

Skiing down a mountain

This YouTube user has used his Nokia Lumia 800 to record his friend’s progress down a snowy mountain as they pull of loads of stunts. We particularly like the sections where the Lumia 800-holder follows the agile skier, giving things an excitingly (if shakily) live feel.

In a swimming pool

Phones and water don’t traditionally mix, but this swimmer decided to challenge that by taking his Nokia Lumia 710 to his local swimming pool! Underwater is impressive enough, but to take the phone down a water slide and to film yourself flipping into the pool with it is another thing entirely… before you go jumping in with your phone, we suspect some kind of protective case was used!

On a zipwire

Another place you might not expect to see a Nokia Lumia phone is racing down the side of a mountain. That’s what we have here though, as one intrepid ‘volunteer’ takes the Nokia Lumia 710 for a ride down a mountainside zipwire. Yikes.

In a wind tunnel

Can the Nokia Lumia 800 survice Mach 5 in a wind tunnel? If you’ve ever wondered that – and why on earth wouldn’t you? – then you’ll be glad to know that we have the answer for you. Check out the following video.


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