Best Nokia Lumia 800 price deals for May 2012

The Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone is the original Nokia trendsetter. Its stylish build, combined with its Windows Phone interface continues to impress. With a white edition also available now is a great time to pick one up. Here are some of the best Nokia Lumia 800 price deals.

Nokia Lumia 800 White review

The Nokia Lumia 800 remains as gorgeous to this day as when we first laid eyes on it. Available in a range of colours, and with the Windows Phone 7.5 experience, it is also one of the quickest to use. Here are some great Nokia Lumia 800 deals.

Nokia Lumia 800 contract deals 

If it’s a white Nokia Lumia 800 White edition you’re after, look no further than Phones 4U. The Nokia Lumia 800 White is exclusive to to the UK retailer. Its cheapest deal monthly deal comes in at £20.50 per month. For that you get a free handset, 300 inclusive monthly minutes, 3,000 texts and 250MB of data.

For a lower tariff try O2. For just £16.50 per month you get 50 minutes, and a nice 500MB of data usage. A free extra pack offers unlimited texts free of charge. You will have to pay for the handset outright, but from then on this deal is great in the long term for those that love to browse the web and use instant messaging.

T-Mobile have some sweet deals that bundle ‘Booster’ packs entitling you to free texts, free landline calls, or free calls to fellow T-Mobile customers. For £26 per month the deal doesn’t sound too bad at all considering you get the Nokia Lumia 800 itself thrown in for free, and 750MB of data.

Nokia Lumia 800 PAYG deals

For a Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone without contract commitment Amazon offers the handset for £290 SIM-Free. On Orange Pay As You Go with £10 of credit, the Lumia 800 is also fetching £370. Website e2save also sells the Nokia Lumia 800 for the same price with a T-Mobile Free Texts for Life tariff and £10 Airtime Top-Up

If you would rather purchase directly from a network provider O2 has the Nokia Lumia 800 on Pay & Go for £379.99. That’s a saving of £20 on the original price.

Seen any better deals than the above you think we should know about? Let us know.


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