Nokia 808 PureView release date confirmed for May

The announcement all the mobile imaging junkies have been waiting for has finally arrived – the Nokia 808 PureView will hit the market in May.  That’s this month! Read on to find out more.

Nokia 808 PureView: More than just a camera phone

We’ve been rather excited about the Nokia 808 PureView since it was first unveiled earlier in 2012. It’s the spiritual successor to the legendary Nokia N8, which means a capable Nokia Belle phone with a class-leading camera.

In fact, class-leading doesn’t really do the Nokia 808 PureView’s imaging capabilities justice. Try class-decimating. It uses an innovative 41-megapixel sensor to provide oversampling – using seven pixels to form one perfect pixel. The result is 8-megapixel images with stunning clarity.

But that’s not all. This oversampling technique also means that you can have 4x digital zoom without loss of detail – something of a holy grail for mobile cameras! Meanwhile if you take a picture at 38-megapixels you can then zoom, crop and resize that picture with unprecedented detail.

The Nokia 808 PureView’s camera also offers excellent low light performance – again, an area that most if not all mobile cameras have struggled with up to now. Add in full HD 1080p video recording (with lossless 4X zoom) and CD-like audio through Nokia Rich Recording and you have yourself the finest camera phone ever. By a considerable margin, too.

Just check out some of the Nokia 808 PureView photos Nokia has posted to Flickr  for proof of these credentials. In a word: stunning.

Of course, you also have a very capable smartphone running these advanced optics. The Nokia 808 PureView features a 1.3GHz processor, a 4-inch AMOLED screen and Nokia Belle – the latest lean, mean and intuitive mobile operating system from Nokia.

This is why we were excited when Nokia revealed the Nokia 808 PureView would be launching this month, May. It’s unclear when exactly the UK will receive the phone – all that’s known at this point is that Russia and India will be among the first territories to get the phone.

We’ll bring you more news on the UK  and INDIAN release date as soon as we get it. Stay tuned for more Nokia 808 PureView news!


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