Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1: 10 things you need to know

Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 adds a raft of new features, tweaks and additions to Nokia 700, Nokia 701 and Nokia 603 phones, in one of the most exciting upgrades ever. If you’ve not yet upgraded, here are ten reasons explaining exactly why you must do so right now.

Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 hands-on: How to use Twitter

Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 is more than a firmware update. It will make your Nokia 603, Nokia 700 or Nokia 701 feel like a new device.

The Nokia Belle update is also way more than a simple lick of paint. As we explain below, there are plenty of reasons to hit that software update button.

A first taste of the Nokia 808 PureView
Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 will be on the Nokia 8-8 PureView 41-megapixel camera phone from release. The 808 PureView may not be in shops just yet (though it starts rolling out this month), but if you download Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 you’ll be getting an early taster of the widget-friendly interface you’ll find on one of Nokia’s newest and most exciting handsets.

It delivers a 1.0GHz to 1.3GHz speed boost
Your Nokia 700 or Nokia 701 will be given an extra speed kick from 1.0GHz to 1.3GHz to then faster and more responsive to every tap and swipe. Navigation should be noticeably nippier.

More homescreens
Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 adds more homescreens, taking the total on your Nokia Belle device up to six. It means you can add more widgets to the front end of your phone for easier access to your favourite tools and apps.

A better music player
A bigger and better music player displays cover art of a song or artist played through the Nokia music player. Users can pause, rewind and skip to the next track from the homesceen. Being larger makes it easier to activate on the move.

Dolby Digital Plus
The addition of Dolby Digital Plus makes music sound better by encoding audio into surround sound on Nokia 603, Nokia 700 and Nokia 701 devices,

Better social widgets
Facebook and Twitter fans will love Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1. It adds both social networks as separate widget options with shortcuts to send public and private messages instantly, without having to dive through menus to do so.

A new mechanical clock  
The addition of a mechanical clock as a widget lends a classy touch to telling the time on your Nokia Belle device. Look closely and you can see its moving parts ticking away.

You will find places more easily
An amazing places nearby app constantly shows your location in Nokia Maps on top of a scroll wheel displaying the nearest restaurants and amenities should you fancy a spontaneous meal.

Nokia Browser version 8.2 for better webpage support
The Nokia browser gets updated to version 8.2 with better HTML 5 support so that more webpages play friendly with your Nokia Belle phone. A neatened history section nicely displays the sites you’ve visited alongside icons representing them, also letting you know when you browsed them.

Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 is available for free, right now!
If you own a Nokia Belle Nokia 603, Nokia 700 or Nokia 701 you can grab the update for free simply by pressing the menu button on your phone and scrolling to the “SW update” app in the menu list. Give it a go.

Have you downloaded the Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 update? Let us know how you’re getting on.


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