Nokia Lumia 800 vs Nokia Lumia 900: 10 things you need to know

The Nokia Lumia 900 will be out this month, so we thought we’d stack it up against its older, smaller brother the Nokia Lumia 800 and see where the differences are.

What’s so special about the Nokia Lumia 900 screen?

When the Nokia Lumia 900 first revealed itself at the beginning of 2012, it was evident that it shared much of its DNA with the trailblazing Nokia Lumia 800. That’s no bad thing either – the Lumia 800 is a modern design classic.

But don’t let that fool you – the Nokia Lumia 900 has a number of improvements and differences when stacked against its brother. Here are the five crucial areas you need to know about.

Same design

Yes, as mentioned the two phones share the same design. This means the Nokia Lumia 900 has the Nokia Lumia 800’s rigid unibody chassis  made of the same polycarbonate material. This wonderful stuff is saturated by the phone’s colour, so nicks and scrapes won’t be so obvious.

Different sizes

Pretty obvious, but there is a pretty big difference in size here. The Nokia Lumia 900 is more than 10mm longer than the Nokia Lumia 800 and about 7mm wider. It’s also just under 20 grams heavier. However, it’s also half a millimetre thinner.

Different Screen dimensions

And why is the Nokia Lumia 900 bigger? So it can fit in a gorgeous 4.3-inch AMOLED display, of course! This beauty is more than half an inch bigger than the Nokia Lumia 800’s screen, making it better for watching videos, playing games and surfing the web.

Different kinds of AMOLED

Even the type of screen found in the Nokia Lumia 900 is different. Its AMOLED display is more advanced than the Lumia 800’s, packing in more sub-pixels for an even cleaner picture.

Same processor

Both phones run on a 1.4GHz Qualcomm CPU. That’s right at the top of the Windows Phone food chain, meaning the Nokia Lumia 900 will handle videos and games as well as the Nokia Lumia 800 – in other words very well indeed!

Front-facing camera

Here’s a big addition for all you Skypers – the Nokia Lumia 900 adds in a front facing camera. This means you can make video calls, send video messages, or just use your phone as a digital mirror. You vain thing, you.

Similar camera

Both Lumias feature a sharp 8-mega-pixel main camera that’s also capable of 720p video recording. Both cameras have an f2.2 aperture for speedy snaps and good low light performance. Nokia has dropped hints that the Nokia Lumia 900 camera has been subtly improved from a hardware perspective, so it’ll be interesting to learn how this has boosted picture quality.

Super-fast 3G

We can’t take advantage of 4G networks like our US cousins can, but that doesn’t mean the Nokia Lumia 900 doesn’t have a network-based trick up its sleeve. The new phone will be able to make use of ‘HSDPA+ Dual Carrier’ – a new technology that could potentially double data speeds!

Same Windows Phone OS

Of course, both Lumias take full advantage of the superb Windows Phone 7.5 OS from Microsoft. If you’ve never tried it before, it’s the slickest and most intuitive smartphone operating system around. The Nokia Lumia 900 beats the Nokia Lumia 800 into second place as the best way to experience this!


One thought on “Nokia Lumia 800 vs Nokia Lumia 900: 10 things you need to know

  1. Hi could you maybe help me with this? Can I install new themes in Nokia Lumia 900? When i try to install any it says this file type is not suited for windows phone.. Do reply!

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