Multitasking with Belle FP1, demoed on Nokia 700

Here’s a video that shows off some multitasking on the Nokia 700 with Belle FP1. Multitasking is not just about doing multiple things at the same time, but also being able to quickly switch between what you’re doing. Furthermore the main activity’s performance must not be compromised and the battery should not significantly suffer.  Belle FP1 seems to do quite a sterling job on this. Multitasking tons of apps is all fine and good but it gets annoying when you have to manage memory to keep it usable. The 512mb RAM vs 256 in the N8 is obviously helping quite a bit, as well as the optimisations brought in FP1.

Three games (Incredible Circus, Dungeon Hunter 2 HD and Sparkle), two browsers (Symbian 8.2 and Opera Mini 6.5), one video player app (Nokia Trailers), facebook app (fMobi), PDF viewer (Smart Office), CNN App, WRC App, all running at the same time


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