A new Twitter client for Symbian: Tweetian


Symbian is still getting love from it’s developers, A new client named “Tweetian” is an upcoming new Twitter client for Symbian^3 devices. It got a neat Belle UI with a black theme to save critical battery power. The app is still in development stage and is not yet released in Nokia Store.

Quick review:
After you logged in via. Twitter, you get a timeline wher you can get your tweet-feed. The toolbar contains five toolbuttons  which make easy for user. The first button is to close the app, second button is to post your own tweet, third button is to search any user, fourth button is to check you own profile where you can get all your details including Bio, Tweets, followers, following and many more, Last button is a menu where you get refresh options, setting & signout options. In settings page it has got an Auto Refresh frequency tab to help the user to get update at a time interval which helps to save your battery power on your symbian devices.


As a beta tester I got a hands-on on this beautiful new twitter app named “Tweetian”, there exist some issues which will be debugged soon. This app is gonna get released soon after it gets stable and sufficient for end user usage.

Some know issues:
- auto completer doesn't works if text prediction is on
- some conversation can't be load (API problem)
- no picture upload ...
- and some other minor bugs...

Got some ideas to make this new Twitter client better, Do comment below to let us know . . .


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