Nokia N9 vs Samsung Galaxy SIII Startup Time (Boot Test )

Start up times are tests that have been done for a long time. They rarely mean anything now for the end user as the phone is always left on. It’s nice to have a quick start up but it’s not essential, especially when the rest of the phone is quite speedy.

On that note, here’s the Nokia N9 (2011) against the Samsung Galaxy SIII (2012). Now we know showing the Nokia Lumia 800 before that the N9 does have a longer start up time than normal.

Sadly, in the comments we can see insults that this is just ‘Nokia being slow’. We have already shown Nokia Lumia starting up twice in the time N9 takes to almost boot up once. But it’s not just N9. N8 starts up faster, I’m guessing my N97 too. It was a good indicator of improvements with the successive firmware updates that start up times got faster. My N93 was one of the fastest with about a sub 20 second start up (though it was more important on older Symbians that crashed a lot and needed a restart to fix the freeze).


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