Symbian UI improvements project

Multiscreen wallpaper

Was just doing a round of Nokia Developer (mainly looking for any indication of PR 1.3) and stumbled across what is known as the Symbian UI Improvements project. What it is, is a community effort to bring various ideas together, regarding ways to improve Nokia Belle (most likely FP2).

Apparently Nokia is aware of the thread, as it was one of the Featured Posts recently. There are some very nice concepts, ranging from the way you unlock a device (using gestures and patterns) to subtle changes in the homescreen (such as what is pictured above).

If you have a few design suggestion you want to share, I recommend venturing over and adding your concepts and thoughts there.


One thought on “Symbian UI improvements project

  1. first and foremost improvent that is required is BROWSER which is very poor. Present browser doesnot adjust readable matter to within screen area if you increase FONT SIZE. This may not be the case with OPERA BROWSER etc. Please look into this in the development.

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