Top 100 free Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone apps


The Nokia Lumia 900 is the biggest and best Windows Phone on the market today. The 4.3-inch AMOLED touchscreen is fantastic to use and we’ve found it quick enough to load apps and run your favourite videos as fast as you like. We all love apps, so we thought we’d root out the top 100 free Windows Phone apps for the discerning Nokia Lumia 900 user!

You can never have enough apps on your Nokia Lumia 900 and with well over 100,000 to choose from on the Marketplace finding the ideal one is easier than ever. Here we take a look at the top 100 free apps so you don’t even need to spend any more, how cool is that?

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Free Nokia Apps for your Nokia Lumia 900  

These apps you’ll find already pre-installed and if not then all you need to do is check out the Nokia Collection in Marketplace on your Nokia Lumia 900 and you’ll be able to download them straight to your device.

Play To: This app is the latest addition to the Nokia Collection and allows you to use DNLA along with the WiFi connection in your house to send content from your Nokia Lumia 900 either to your HD Tv or Hi-Fi. All they need to be is DNLA compatible and you’re away!

Tango Video Calls : The Nokia Lumia 900 is built with a front-facing video camera on-board, so this Skype-alternative offering free calls between Windows Phone, Android and iOS smartphones and tablets is an absolute must. Tango automatically finds friends that have the app installed allowing for any easy and hassle free setup. If not, then just tell your Nokia Lumia friends to install it, too.

Nokia Reading: With this free app you no longer need to carry a book around with you and you can safely resign that kindle to the closet. With an online store with the latest books, as well as a library of essentials for free, this app turns your Nokia Lumia into a mobile library of classics and modern books alike!

Creative Studio: The cameras on the Nokia Lumia range are decent enough, but Creative Studio helps you take your snaps to the next level. Whether you’re applying groovy filters that completely transform the look and mood of your pics, or you’re doing serious stuff like cropping and correcting the colours or brightness, Creative Studio gives you the tools for the job. There’s even a handy Panorama mode for super-wide shots.

Nokia Music: Nokia Music takes the basics of Zune Music adds to your musical options yet further. It comes pre-loaded on every Nokia Lumia handset, but it’s a distinct app that deserves recognition. The most exciting feature of Nokia Music is Mix Radio, which gives you personalised radio playlists that can be streamed or downloaded for offline listening. And there’s absolutely no sign-up or fee required!

Nokia Maps: Microsoft Maps is a pretty decent mapping tool as standard, which may lead some to wondering why they should bother downloading Nokia Maps onto their Nokia Lumia. It’s quite simple really – it’s much better! Nokia Maps is easier to use, more flexible, and with the addition of a favourites feature there’s now little reason to ever bother with Microsoft Maps again.

Nokia Transport: If you’re a city dweller (especially if that city is London) then Nokia Transport is one of the most important apps you could own. It helps you get around the city using public transport, pulling in timetables and calculating the time you’ll need to walk between stations and on to your destination. It makes a very complex process with lots of variables easy to negotiate, which is surely at the heart of any good app!

TuneIn Radio: TuneIn Radio is a great way to get the most from the wonderful world of internet radio. Tune in (do you see what they did there?) to more than 50,000 radio stations covering all kinds of music as well as sport, chat and beyond. TuneIn Radio empowers you to listen to radio stations from any part of the world – the sounds of Africa, South America and beyond are at your fingertips!

CNN: If you want a US-based take on global news events without too much of a political bias to the left or to the right, CNN is arguably your best bet. It also helps that this Nokia-published app is brilliantly intuitive, offering streamlined news stories in a pleasantly clear format. There are plenty of video snippets for every topic, too.

Weather: Microsoft’s own weather app is a thing of minimalistic beauty. It presents weather reports and five day forecasts in brilliantly stripped-back fashion, presenting only the most useful information in a clean and concise way. A handy Live Tile has also been added that gives you a quick heads-up as to the day’s weather without having to enter the app.

Nokia Drive: Okay, so Nokia Drive already comes pre-loaded with your Nokia, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t one of the best apps available for Windows Phone! It’s a fully blown sat nav system for your phone, and the fact that you can now use it offline makes it nigh-on perfect. Once you’ve preloaded your map, you’ll find you have full turn-by-turn navigation, complete with voice commands. No lag, no faults, not fuss.

WRC Live: If you’re a fan of the World Rally Championship then this is one app you won’t be able to live without. Not only does it keep you up to date with the latest team and driver news, you can get exclusive behinds the scenes gossip of what’s going on with the world of WRC. If that’s not enough, then the video footage puts you squarely in the centre of the action!

App Highlights: If you can’t get enough of new and interesting apps then you need this on your Nokia Lumia. With super-regular updates it’ll show you what’s hot, trending and happening right now in the land of Windows Phone apps.


Groupon: Groupon helps you to catch a bargain by helping you to find the latest deals from the shops around you. You can browse, purchase and redeem codes giving you up to 70 per cent off on lots of available deals.

Seesmic: If you’re juggling multiple Twitter accounts – and with most modern businesses requiring some form of Twitter engagement it’s quite possible you run at least two – Seesmic is perfect for helping you keep on top of things from your Nokia Lumia.

Twitter: The official Twitter app is a wonderful looking bit of software that incorporates the classic Windows Phone style and fuses it with Twitter’s core functionality. All the basic features are there  letting you view your tweet stream from those you follow, reply to tweets and send private messages, in an app that looks clean and is easy to use with a choice of themes for a personal touch.

Facebook: Amazingly you might be wondering why you need the official Facebook app on your Nokia Lumia, given the service’s unparalleled integration into Windows Phone. However this Facebook app gives you full control over your account and lets you check into Places.

Baconit: If you’re a keen user of social news service Reddit, Baconit should really be your first port of call. It gives you full control over your account and offers full editing capabilities. There’s even a live tile that tracks your karma.

WhatsApp: WhatsApp is one of the most popular Instant Messaging apps around. It lets you send messages quickly and easily to your friends in an instant, almost no matter the smartphone they own. It’s easy to set up and register. Simply enter your friends number to add them as a contact, and get chatting over Wi-Fi or 3G.

LinkedIn: Allowing you access to one of the world’s fastest growing social networks for business users. Read the latest industry news, keep up-to-date with your groups, explore jobs you might be interested in, and share content with your network from anywhere.

FourSquare: FourSquare is arguably the third biggest social network after Facebook and Twitter, and it gives you the unique ability to check in to bars, restaurants and the like and recommend such places to your friends. This Windows Phone offers all that functionality, plus it lets you pin tiles for specific places to your Start screen. That means that checking in to your favourite places is just a touch away!

Skype: Currently in Beta, Skype is nonetheless a vital addition to the Windows Phone Marketplace. Even in its current pre-release form it’s a brilliantly polished and slick app that lets you send instant messages and make calls over an internet connection, rather than using up your network minutes. Even better, the Nokia Lumia 900 will enable full video calls!

Vimeo: YouTube might be the most popular video repository, but Vimeo is where all the cool film-makers hang out – and with them the best, most interesting video content. That’s why we’re so glad that there’s a dedicated Vimeo app on the Windows Phone Marketplace – which has launched before an official YouTube app, we should note! Vimeo is suitably stylish and easy to use, and it’ll also let you upload your own videos.


Tube Map: Tube Maps is essentially a recreation of the existing tube map found on the London Underground. But that’s why we love it so. With Tube Map you won’t need to carry a bit of paper with you, or strain your neck to look at it on the train. : Currently the UK’s largest independent train ticket retailer, this mobile app helps you check train times and ticket prices, as well as buy train tickets for all train companies to all national rail destinations. What we like is that you can buy train tickets up to 10 minutes before you travel and still get a saving! Apps don’t come much more stylish than, which is really saying something when you consider how many good looking apps there are on Windows Phone! It’s a tool to help you book funky hotels at – you guessed it – the last minute. Whether you’re looking for a quick weekend in Paris or an extended break in Cape Town, it’s a brilliantly simple way to research and book your next break.

Babylon Translator: Want to translate some Italian text in a bit of a jiffy? Or to find out what the Spanish for “where are the toilets?” is? Then Babylon Translator could be the answer. As a rough and ready tool for European travel it’s just peachy. If you’re looking for help with a language that doesn’t use the Latin alphabet, you might want to look elsewhere, though. Still, for free this is an excellent translation app!

Skyscanner: Skyscanner concerns itself with getting you on a plane as quickly and easily as possible. Just type in  your destination, the date you want to travel and the number of people and it’ll get you the best value offers available. Once you’ve selected the right flight for you, you can go straight to booking it – whether over the phone or on the web. Easy!

Poynt: Poynt is a handy local guide app that offers a streamlined overview of events, restaurants, film times and even weather in your area. It pulls in information from numerous sources like Thomson Local, Open Table and Whatgas (Poynt also tells you where the nearest petrol stations are!) and then offers contact details, directions and more.

Kayak: We’ve highlighted specific flight and hotel-finding tools elsewhere on this list, but Kayak is an ambitious app that looks combine the two – along with car rentals and a travel planner organiser for good measure! The app as a whole is a little slower and less reliable than some of the best stand-alone apps, but for a one-size-fits-all travel app solution, this is one of the best.

British Airways: The British Airways app replaces the old paper boarding passes with a digital one. This makes the check-in procedure far easier, not to mention far safer, as there’s much less chance you’d accidentally leave your phone at home! The app will also give you up to date flight information and terminal maps, as well as enable you to pin your boarding pass to the Start screen.

Translator: Using the camera on your Nokia Lumia you can translate printed text, voice recognition to translate spoken text, or the keyboard to enter text that you want to translate. Just aim the camera at the text and see the translation happen before your eyes.


Photo Crop: 
The gist of Photo Crop is explained in its title. It’s an app that lets you crop any photos taken with your Nokia Windows Phone. You can flip them too. How about that?

Flickr: In Flickr, budding photographers have a tool that lets them store their photos in the cloud and view them at any time from their Nokia Lumia. They also have an app that lets you upload directly from the Lumia’s camera, and one that lets you view and comment upon the work of others.

Photosynth: Photosynth is the panorama app that makes it easy and fun to capture and share interactive panoramas of the places, people, and events that are important to you. It is the only app available on any mobile platform that allows you to capture 360 degrees horizontally and vertically, making a perfect “sphere.”

Fhotoroom: fhotoroom is a camera app that also offers up photo editing and allows oyu to hsare the results with others across social networks. It offers up over 130 high quality filters that can be combined in any way to give a moment in time a unique look and feel.

AutoPanorama: Few apps have ever managed to become an essential part of our arsenal as quickly as AutoPanorama has. Letting you take flawless wrap-around panoramic images with just a few clicks of the camera button on your Nokia Windows Phone, this app is ideal for everyone.


ESPN Goals: The ultimate app for those who follow the English Premier League. ESPN Goals offers video highlights from Premiership matches soon after the day’s play has finished, as well as fixture and table information. It’s like having a streamlined and up to date edition of Match Of The Day in your pocket, minus the smug punditry. That this app exists for free is nigh-on miraculous.

Brain Age: How healthy is your brain and how ca you keep it trim? That’s what we’r asking here. Brain Age is a neat tool that forces you to remember the places of numbers and then sort them in ascending order. From the results it can tell you roughly the age of your brain, with the best age being 20 years, the worst 70 years

Le Tour: Get on your bike and ride as Le Tour delivers information about the Tour de France 2012. The app gives an overview about all the stages and the standings per stage. Results of the stages are retrieved from the web using a high performant low data consuming webservice.There is also an innovative news hub where you can navigate between tweets about #tdf. All this in real time!

Calorie Tracker: The Livestrong Calorie Tracker will help you get into shape by telling you which foods have the most calories. A database of over 625,000 food items helps you to decide what you may want to eat more of, and what you may wish to avoid. Whether you’re on a diet or just like to watch what you put in your mouth, its daily calorie counter will deliver a mixture of information and motivation to keep up good eating habits.

Endomondo Sports Tracker: Endomondo is like a personal trainer and a piece of hi-tech gymn equipment rolled into one – and it’s free! Track your exercise routine, gain advice from friends and analyse your stats to see where improvements have been made.

Runkeeper: Think of Runkeeper as a personal trainer that accompanies you on your weekend jog. It keeps track of how far you’ve run, total distance and progress. A personal dashboard lets you know exactly how you’re doing and whether you’re making progress at all. Maps integration shows the exact path you travelled, whole activity sharing lets you post your routes to Facebook and Twitter to show everyone how fit and dedicated you are.

6 Week Training: This doozy of a fitness app will help transform your physique: changing your body from scrawny to brawny using a programme comprising all sorts of bicep-building-belly-blasting exercises. We all need a little help when it comes to fighting the flab, so 6 Week Training is just the thing to get users on the right track.

Health Choices: This is the new name for the app formally known as ‘my NHS’ and brings together information about NHS services and health information to your fingertips. This App has been developed in collaboration with NHS Choices who supply all NHS service details and condition / treatment information.


Slacker Radio: Having Slacker Radio on your Windows Phone is a little like cramming a selection of ear-pleasing DJs on hand, in your back pocket. You select one of 150 genre music stations and the app will begin streaming from any of them. Slacker Radio features millions of songs from thousands of artists, so you’ll never be found wanting for new music. You can even tell it what you like so it remember next time not to play that one-hit wonder that gets on your nerves.

PunchiTouch: Bring our the funky drummer trapped in your Nokia Lumia smartphone with this virtual electronic pad drums kit app. There are six different samples to choose and you can build up rhythms to impress your friends and muso mates with!

Shazam: Windows Phone now lets you search for music by the sound of it playing, but in truth it pinched the idea from Shazam. Not only will it tell you the name of the artist and song playing and provide buying links, it’ll show you related YouTube videos and lay on lyrics and reviews.

iMDB: iMDB really does cover all bases for film fanatics – actor profiles, film synopses, poster art, movie trailers – you can even check out your local cinema film times! It’s all served up through a lovely interface too.

Flixster: If you need pointers on the cinema times for your local cinema multiplex then check out Flixster. It lets you know exactly which big budget blockbuster is showing, where, and when.

Netflix:You can download the Netflix app now whether you’re in the US or not – happy days! If you’ve got a Netflix account it’s an essential download, giving users access to on-demand movies and TV shows to watch over Wi-Fi and 3G.

Spotify: Nokia Lumia phones already have a host of music skills at their disposal, but if it’s a little more variety you’re after you can try the Spotify app. It’s one of the best music apps you can buy, also letting you access your music collection offline with a subscription.

Stop the Music!: Stop the Music! removes the active song from the volume bar without needing to reboot your phone. Simply touch the tile, and even without opening the application, the volume bar will be cleared and the music controls removed from the volume bar.

YouTube Pro: Not only does YouTube Pro let you launch YouTube from an app quickly and easily: it also lets you download videos from YouTube to your phone. That’s something you cannot even do from from apps from other sources, making the Windows Marketplace app one of the best.

SoundHound: This has to be the best third-party music recognition app out there, allowing you to identify original music or a singing search with the touch of a button. We like how simple it is to use, while the social media tools baked in allow you to see what others are searching for too!


PC Remote: PC Remote transforms your Windows Phone into something of a magic wand in gadget terms. With it you can control Windows Media Centre Powerpoint presentations and pair it up with a Windows PC to use as a mini keyboard or trackpad.

GeoReminder: A very smart app that lets you pin reminders to specific locations on a map. When you pass through that area, your Nokia Lumia will detect where you are using GPS and will flag up your message. A great memory aid for picking up shopping, dry cleaning and kids!

EverNote: Evernote takes note taking to the next level, letting you store and organise your thoughts through text, images and audio recordings. Your notes are readily available from pretty much any smart device or computer, so it’s really more of a life-organiser than a simple digital notepad.

Connectivity Shortcuts: One of very few annoying quirks in the Windows Phone OS is that you have to go through a few menu layers to flick things like Wi-Fi and Airplane mode on and off. This simple app removes several stages of that process – especially if you utilise the individual Live tiles linking to each element.

Notes: Another beautifully simple app, this time dedicated to letting you take quick notes (the clue’s in the name, we suppose!). You can automatically log where the notes were taken from to aid your recollection, and it’s dead simple to send them via email or SMS.

Pulse: Pulse is a seriously classy RSS feed reader. This means it assembles all the stories from your favourite online news sources into one easy to use, constantly updating hub. Pulse’s big selling point is how it looks and handles. As we’ve mentioned, it looks great, with a standard-setting horizontal and vertical scrollable interface. As for handling, it could be a little snappier, and Google Reader integration would be nice. Overall, though, a fine app.

Reinstaller: At present, if you want to quickly check which apps you’ve purchased, downloaded and subsequently deleted from your Nokia Lumia, you have to head to the Windows Phone web-browser tool. There’s no official way to do this on your phone, which is where Reinstaller comes in. It replicates the above functionality on your phone – although admittedly it’s neither as quick nor as efficient a process as it could be. An essential tool, nonetheless.

Wunderlist: If you like to live and work from a daily to do list, then you can consider throwing that pen and paper away. Wunderlist streamlines the process of creating and working off a list as much as possible, so you can get to the information you need with the minimum of button presses. Is it as immediate as a pen and paper? No, but then you can’t synch a pen and paper with your computer!

Expensify: No one enjoys doing their expenses, so Expensify’s simple premise – to take the pain out of expenses – is a worthy one! It’s a lot cleverer than simply totting things up too – it can log your bank transactions automatically and scan in your receipts too.

SuperTimer: One minor but everyday tool Windows Phone omits is a stop watch function. SuperTimer fills in wonderfully, allowing for up to three simultaneous timers. You can leave these running in the background and even pin a quick start Live tile to the start page.

Ask Ziggy: Ziggy runs on the same Nuance voice recognition tech as the iPhone’s Siri, and the app fulfills a similar role. Ask it a question and it’ll try to find you the answer, while it can also make appointments in your diary for you – if you ask nicely. As you’d expect, is a dictionary app (imagine!), but it does more than list a bunch of words. It also uses audio to help you with pronunciations, and provides example sentences and word of the day updates. Use it and boost your vocabulary!

SkyDrive: Cloud storage is all the rage across all of the major smartphone platforms, but SkyDrive for Windows Phone is one of the best. Using this app you can upload photos, documents and more from your Lumia. You can also manage, share and edit them as you would be able to on a computer.

Reader2Go :There are a few high quality Google Reader apps on the Windows Phone Marketplace – a couple of which are on this list – but Reader2Go stands out for being free! That doesn’t mean it lacks quality though – Reader2Go pulls in all your favourite news sources through an attractive and intuitive interface. You can also download all the latest stories for later offline viewing.

Adobe Reader: OK, so the Adobe Reader app is a boring one, but an essential app for those that regularly peep their email inbox from their smartphone, letting you view any PDF files sent across to your email address.

Cool Tools: Cool Tools packs in a few neat little tools missing from your phone, including a handy stopwatch, timer, unit converter and a flashlight in one app. Think of it as the Swiss army knife of the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Toilet Finder: Nobody likes to be stuck bursting for a tinkle with little sign of relief in sight. Toilet Finder does what it says on the tin. It will help you speedily locate the nearest restroom from its database of over 60,000 toilets using Bing Maps.

There’s more to what you see than meets the eyes. That’s why you need Wikitude, It’s an augmented reality-driven browser that lets you discover more about your surroundings, displaying information about sights, shops and restaurants around you by pointing your phone in that direction.

Lottery Results: This potentially prizewinning app will either leave you feeling on top of the world or (most likely) very disappointed. It provides the results for 335 worldwide lotteries. Just pin the app to the start screen for notifications of the numbers.

Halo Waypoint: We haven’t featured any games on this list, but Halo is an app that helps with a game. It ties in with the massive Halo: Reach Xbox game and provides stats, maps, multiplayer assistance and official Halo news. Essential for all Halo fans.

Xbox Companion: Everyone loves a bit of gaming action now and then. If, like us you feel attached to your Xbox you’ll need the Xbox Companion app. It lets you view your Xbox Live profile and those of your friends: even letting you know when they’re online, and what there’re playing.

Ringtone Factory: If you’re bored of standard ringtones ditch them and download this. Ringtone Factory has a library of thousands of songs to download and customise. Whoever is calling: you’ll be sure to have a smile on your face.

Google Search: Everyone knows about Google. It’s the world’s most popular search engine. The free app lets you pin a tile on your homescreen for even quicker access to full Google mobile search with this official app.


This handy tool lets you search places and will even guide you to them using the augmented reality skills of your phone, showing you the distance to your destination. 
Yapf is a pretty comprehensive business searcher that bests Bing Maps for two reasons: firstly, you can send the place as a text message (ideal for letting people know where you are), and secondly because you can guide yourself there using the wondrous powers of augmented reality.

Sticky Tiles: Whether you’ve got the memory of a goldfish or are just plain forgetful, chances are you could do with Stick Tiles. Stick Tiles are helpful reminders you can pin to the Start Screen of your Windows Phone device. It’s simple, but it works.

Reading Glasses: You don’t want to sign your life away for anything in the small print. That’s why you need Reading Glasses. No: we’re not being rude. We’re talking about this free app. Reading Glasses for Windows Phone acts as a magnifying glass that enlarges text using the camera of your phone.

Taptitude: Comprising over 50 mini-games of fastest finger first, Taptitude will out the agility of your digits to the ultimate finger-biting test in a series of reflex-challenging tests. With a new game added every week, Taptitude is a steal.

Metro: The free app for the free London newspaper brings all the daily news and events straight from the Metro offices onto your smartphone without the worries of where to stash your newspaper on the train or how you’re going to even manage to read the thing on a crowded commute.

Pocket Recorder: Pocket Recorder is a useful memo-taking tool that works in the background that comes in useful when recording interviews or your friends risky forfeits that you might one day need a record of. The app can even be set to upload directly to SkyDrive to save memos to the cloud.

Flashlight XT: We always find that a good flashlight app turns out to be one of the most useful things you can download on any smartphone platform. Flashlight XT is a no-nonsense – but still very stylish – example that turns your camera flash into a full-on torch.

SkyDrive: Cloud storage is all the rage across all of the major smartphone platforms, but SkyDrive for Windows Phone is one of the best. Using this app you can upload photos, documents and more from your Lumia. You can also manage, share and edit them as you would be able to on a computer.

Battery Boost: Doing exactly what it says on the side of the tin, Battery Boost is a neat little utility that allows you to enhance and improve the already impressive battery life on your Nokia Lumia smartphone.

Call Recorder: Call Recorder is a little free app that allows you to record phone calls and play them back, so perfect for the budding journalist. It’s not just about recording calls, as you can add a name and number of the person you spoke to as meta data and even upload to Skydrive to backup your recordings on the go.

My Famous Friend: My Famous Friend is the best app for keeping up to date on your favourite actors, singers, politicians, comedians or sports stars. See the latest updates straight from their Twitter feeds, pin them to the Homescreen so you can read news and updates as and when they happen!

If that’s not enough to keep your Nokia Lumia 800 happy then you’ll find over 100,000 apps living and breathing on the Marketplace for you to check out. Just remember, the beauty of Windows Phone is that you can try before you buy, so you’ve nothing to lose!


Amazon Mobile: As if we all need more ways to part with our cash, Amazon comes tempting us with its own app. All those offers, now available at the touch of a button on your Windows Phone. The app features 1-click purchasing, and the ability to browse the entire store from your phone. A built-in barcode scanner helps you to hunt out best prices and compare them on-the-go.

Tesco Groceries: Whether you approve of Tesco’s all-pervasive approach or not, it can’t be denied that their official Groceries app rocks! You can put together a shopping list, place an order, manage delivery times – basically carry out a full shop from your phone! It looks very tidy too.

eBay: There are eBay apps on every smartphone, of course, but the Windows Phone version is by far the best. Not only does it look super-swish thanks the Metro-ificiation of the interface (which makes it much nicer to use than the desktop browser version), you can also pin individual listings to your Start menu. An invaluable eBay feature, we’re sure you’ll agree.


Open Table: Don’t worry about calling around to try and book a restaurant tablet – use Open Table and you can do it all online. As well as a restaurant locator and access to user reviews, there’s a Live tile that will tell you once your booking has been confirmed by the restaurant.

Epicurious: Stuck for inspiration on what to cook? Download Epicurious, which calls upon a database of some 30,000 recipes to help you decide. As well as cooking guidelines (some of which includes video) it’ll let you search for recipes by the ingredients you have in the cupboard.

Foodspotting: Foodspotting is a restaurant guide app with a simple but ingenious twist. Rather than offer up reviews and images of any restaurants in a given area, it shows you specific dishes! Think about it: when you get a specific hankering for a certain type of dish, you probably don’t care where you eat it. You just want to know where does that dish the best. Foodspotting helps by providing genuine user reviews and pictures.

Allrecipes: Downloading Allrecipes is a surefire way to avoid getting into the sort of culinary conundrums that will either leave you feeling hungry or your guests staring in disbelief at your oddball creations. Allrecipes lets you choose recipes by dish, ready time and ingredients. should you find yourself wondering what to do with the last few tomatoes sitting on your fridge shelf.


BBC News Mobile: The most surprising thing about this BBC News Mobile App is that it isn’t official! Despite being a third party effort, it’s got all the polish and poise you’d expect of the Beeb itself. This is a great way to sift through the latest news from one of the world’s foremost broadcasters.

The Guardian: The Guardian app for Windows delivers all the latest news and best content from the Guardian and Observer to your phone in a highly customisable, free app. Catch up with the day’s sports news, comment and reviews, watch video, listen to podcasts and browse stunning picture galleries while on the move.

Amazon Kindle: If you want to read books on your Nokia Lumia phone, there’s only one solution – the Amazon Kindle app. Here you can browse, shop for and – of course – read from a selection of 750,000 electronic books. The interface is clean and crisp, and you can even send book recommendations to your friends, or have personalised book recommendations made for you.

WordPress: If you’re a WordPress-using blogger (as many bloggers are), this Windows Phone app is an absolute must. You can compose and edit posts, upload media, analyse stats and even manage comments from the comfort of your Nokia Lumia. All of that and it looks and handles a treat with the Metro UI applied.

Sky News: Love it or hate it, Sky has the resources to imbue everything it does with real polish – and that extends to its apps. This Windows Phone Sky News app provides the latest news, as you’d expect, and also provides complementary video content for many of its stories. For all the latest on world events, showbiz, sport and more, this is one of the more accomplished efforts for your Nokia Lumia phone.

What are your favourite free apps for the Nokia Lumia 900? Let us know in the Comments below.


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