Symbian Belle Refresh for Nokia N8/E7/C6-01/X7 – Full Official Changelog


As we promised, here is the FULL OFFICIAL CHANGE LOG of Symbian Belle Refresh for Symbian Belle 1st Generation Devices. Check the full post for all changes…

Changes and improvements

• Browser 8.3 (without UI Threading)
• Full HTML5 Support
• Services available also offline Browser 8.3 (without UI Threading)

Nokia Maps Suite 3.09 – available via IAD in case of FOTA update
• Use your voice to search – Maps and Drive
• See your photos on Map
• Multi-point routing with the route planner
• Explore cool places nearby, straight from your home screen.
• Public transport integrated with line information and departure times.

Social 1.5 – available via IAD in case of FOTA update
• Automatic Contacts linking to Facebook and Twitter
• New home screen widgets
• Improved performance
• Renewed app layout & FB notifications

N8 Imaging Update (for N8 ONLY)
• Big Screen
• Colorize IT (excl. China)
• PlayTo (home electronics connectivity)
• Gallery widget


Ovi Services branding to Nokia Services

Updated Nokia Store

Improved music player
• Refreshed ‘Now Playing’ view
• Lists are tabbed for easy access , swipe from one tab to another
• New ’Artist View’
• Play & pause in pull-down status pane

New widgets

• Clock, analogue big
• Clock, mechanic
• Clock, text
• Clock, flip
• Calendar, agenda view
• RSS widget
• Bookmark
• Contact, individual (Social upgrades)
• Contact, Group (group support upgrade)
• Music Player, medium
• Weather, now
• Weather forecast
• My Location
• Social widget
• Facebook, summary
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Mobile data counter
• Search
• Email, new arrival
• Gallery
• Notes
• Email, detailed
• Toggles
• 2G/3G
• Offline
• Silent
• BT on/off
• Cellular data on/off

This is all we know currently. We will keep updating as we get more information.


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