Nokia in ‘advanced talks’ to sell their Luxury Vertu Brand

Nokia in ‘advanced talks’ to sell their Luxury Vertu Brand

According to a Reuters report, Nokia is in ‘advanced talks’ to sell their premium luxury phone brand, Vertu. We heard this rumour back in December last year, but it seems Nokia has made progress on selling the cellphone subsidiary, to a private … Continue reading

Rumour: Nokia Lumia 900 coming to AT&T, not Verizon

Its a slow news day so we will pass on this anonymous tip we received earlier.

According to our tipster the Nokia Ace will indeed be announced at CES and hit AT&T in March. So far, so good, but the bad news is that Verizon is out of the game, and that the handset will not be coming to CDMA carriers at all.

The tip is obviously unverified so take it with a pinch of salt, but it would be consistent with other news and rumours going around

Nuance buys Vlingo to improve voice control in electronic devices

Nuance, the folks who bought Swype in October and also are behind what makes Siri works has gone and bought Vlingo – the voice control application folks have been enjoying on Symbian for a long time (as well as BlackBerry and Android). I remember how cool it was the first time using it. It wasn’t perfect but it opened up new possibilities of phone interaction.

The amount Vlingo has been purchased for is unspecified. The aim of the purchase is to create natural language interfaces for multitude of devices.

Voice control isn’t useful all the time, but then it does have situations where it can be very useful – possibly THE most useful form of input. It just needs to be more natural.

The first thing to break is the need to even press a button. How would it know when you’re addressing it? Perhaps a keyword like Xbox Kinect – saying “xbox” blah blah (though that then breaks the whole natural thing, unless you can of course call your phone a name, lol). e.g. Hey Lumia, open my uni notes from yesterday please, and send a copy to group 23

Microsoft and Nokia were in talks to jointly bid on RIM?

Did you hear the hubbub about Amazon supposedly being interested in buying RIM? What’s that got to do with a Nokia blog? Well it’s quite big news but something closer to home is that apparently Microsoft AND Nokia were going to make a JOINT bid on BlackBerry makers RIM.

According to WSJ, Nokia and Microsoft were both flirting with RIM. Now this time last year, Nokia were in discussions with all three already but for a different sort of partnership. We all know what happened there. This time, Nokia and MS were supposedly going to make a joint bid for RIM says ‘people familiar with the matter’. lol.

What’s to gain from this? Patents? Key BlackBerry services? What additional special treatment would Nokia get being a joint owner? Interesting things to speculate. Quite likely not to happen.

From what I’ve read on the Amazon-RIM stories, RIM’s board wants RIM to get back to its own feet on their own, capitalize on remaining assets rather than be taken over.