Good news if you are from Finland, Esphoneblog reports that the Nokia Lumia 900 has now arrived in the Finnish store where he works. He also posted few images of Lumia 900 running Windows Phone7.5 Refresh build 8773 (aka Tango), the handset also features WiFi Internet … Continue reading

Nokia 306(RM-768)  and  Nokia 311(RM-714) – (overview + data)

Nokia 306(RM-768) and Nokia 311(RM-714) – (overview + data)

Here is the outline drawing and the name plate from the Nokia 306 and Nokia 311, from the documents of the U.S. the FCC: THESE ARE JUST LEAKED IMAGES FROM A RELIABLE SOURCE. WE WILL EXPLAIN MORE ABOUT IT IN … Continue reading

New S40 Slider? Another Touch and Type? (One more Nokia Handset Design Patent)

New S40 Slider? Another Touch and Type? (One more Nokia Handset Design Patent)

One more Nokia Handset Design Patent Above is another design patent for Nokia. It’s a slider revealling an alphanumeric keyboard. What is it? I’m not too sure. It feels like S40 touch and type – though without the keypad, it … Continue reading

Nokia RM-714/Nokia 311 appears at FCC, full touch S40/meltemi with swipe, multitouch and 3 homescreens?!

Nokia RM-714/Nokia 311 appears at FCC, full touch S40/meltemi with swipe, multitouch and 3 homescreens?!

The above is the RM-714. The more recent secret FCC documents where that the phone is unknown, I expected Nokia to put a generic block shape for the label. But what we can see is actually the phone’s borders with … Continue reading

Nokia 605 , Nokia 305, Nokia 306 and Nokia 311 Leaked-Expected to exist according to Nokia Europe !

Nokia 605 , Nokia 305, Nokia 306 and Nokia 311 Leaked-Expected to exist according to Nokia Europe !

The official Nokia website reveals, once again new devices that have not yet been published. This time it is the Nokia 605 , Nokia 305, Nokia 306 and the Nokia 311 ! These devices will be compatible to the case CP . called -594  Nokia Asha … Continue reading

Leaked: Nokia 306 – first full touch S40 or a new Symbian?

Leaked: Nokia 306 – first full touch S40 or a new Symbian?

Here we see a new Nokia model, which is in the pipeline, waiting for the launch. The Nokia 306 / Type: RM-768  Specifications:– Network: GSM and GPRS – touchscreen – 2 soft keys (Call + End / Power) – camera (megapixels?) – Bluetooth – Wi-Fi (b / … Continue reading


Folks over Windows Phone Hacker have got access to pre-release version of Windows Phone “Tango” emulator (build 8731). Check out the walkthrough video of emulator showing some of the new features coming-up in Windows Phone Tango such as the new MMS feature, location icon in the status bar, etc.

Download Tango Unlocked Emulator



RUMOUR :- Nokia X7-like Nokia Lumia 805 with 12Mp camera and Tango platform !

Nokia Tweet has  tipped in with this image of possibly a Nokia X7 looking device but with Windows Phone.

It might be fake. I can’t really grasp the screen ratio from here but as you know being WP it has to have 800×480.

They’ve named it Nokia Lumia 805. The extra 5 perhaps due to the bigger screen. When introduced, the X7 was a bit of a unfair device, (made worse by the fact it was priced not that much less than the SGSII at the time). It does look better with Belle however than it did ever with Anna on board.

The camera at the back better not be EDoF, like the original.  Looks nice than ever !

The original poster reckons the specs are as follows (just passed through google translate)

  • 3.9-inch WVGA-the Clear Black AMOLED 
  • 16GB flash memory 
  • 1450 mAh battery, and Lumia 800 
  • 12 million pixel Carl Zeiss auto focus, dual LED

If it is 12MP, then this image might just be there for illustration purposes as the back of the camera (blurry as it is) looks more like it says 8MP.The sound of 1450mAh BATTERY for 3.9″ Lumia is bad.

Nokia 801 Picture Leaks and is a Lumia 800 Twin With Symbian Belle !!

Symbian-based camera phone is coming soon, to follow the famous N8 and now it appears that this model is here, through the Nokia 801. This device borrows the design from the N9 and Lumia 800 and implements Symbian Belle on it, as shown below. Of course, that’s a real picture and not a photo-shopped one !

Sources say that Nokia has one more Symbian hit smartphone and that’s it, so this might just be that magical device. It’s rumored to be a camera-focused affair, with impressive optics, Belle as the OS and the polycarbonate shell that made the Lumia 800 famous. Nokia 801 has a 4 inch ClearBlack AMOLED display with a 360 x 640 pixel resolution, a 1.4 GHz processor, 512MB of RAM and a 12 megapixel autofocus camera with dual LED flash. That flash is a bit of a downgrade compared to the Xenon one on the N8, but at least we get 1080p video recording.

This could just be the last Symbian phone ever, so keep a close eye on this one, folks… MWC 2012 will be here in two weeks and we might just see it showcased by Nokia at its booths and introduced during the conference on the 27th.

Nokia 801 leak is real and on its way for public release after it’s “MWC” launch

Smartphone expert and NOKIA board Directer Eldar Murtazin confirmed that the recently leaked Nokia 801 is real. In a reply in twitter, he said that the leaked information and  the picture of the Nokia 801 are real. As he speculated about many things in the past which have turned out to be true, this leak now gets a support behind it’s back.

Nokia 801 leaked With 12Mp camera Nokia belle, NFC and polycarbonate uni-body !

We just got the tip with a image and some specs which is said to be of unannounced Nokia 801 devices. The source claim it to be a Nokia 801, which is further confirmed by Nokia sources.

According to the source Nokia 801 will feature:

  • Runs Nokia Belle OS
  • 4-inches AMOLED ClearBlack Display
  • 640 x 360 pixels resolution
  • NFC
  • 1.4 GHz processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • 12MP camera with dual-LED flash
  • 1080P video recording
The photo and specs were originally posted and are just leaked from Nokia Factory Units and are not the final versions. They may vary a bit but surely this is true news !

Nokia Carla also on Nokia E7 and Nokia 701 v112.010.0404 TESTED.

After the story of a Nokia Carla sighting at Nokia Developer forums (with E6) a few of you checked it out to confirm testing and bug list being compiled for Carla (At least as indicated by the thread titles).

Here’s another recent screenshot that shows that same Nokia Carla v112.010.0404 tested on the Nokia 701. It notes that there are issues presumed on devices like the E6 (mentioned previously) and E7 due to the D-pad/joystick navigation not working in the menu.

Just like before Anna was even released we already saw Belle, we’re seeing more solid info on Carla before we get the Belle update. Think of that on the positive side that it would be better knowing there is constant revisions and improvements rather than nothing happening. Apparently there are still lots and lots of bugs in Belle, hence the delay. Bugs that are apparent in the original S^3/Anna that’s not on the originally designed Belle phones.


Nokia Carla in bug testing (with Belle) for Nokia E6

Apparently the Nokia developer site bugs page, some folks are already testing out the Nokia Carla update.

The link is inaccessible unless you have an account with Nokia Developer.  Regardless of that, Nokia Carla is still coming even for Symbian ^3 devices..….

Note that the device tested is an E6 that suggests other S^3 handsets should also be able to handle Carla too.



Folks over Pocketnow some how managed to get the official images of yet to be announced Nokia Lumia 900 (aka Nokia Ace).

The Lumia 900 follows the same basic design of Lumia 800 and N9, have the Polycarbonate Unibody, 4.3 inch screen with front cam.

Nokia Lumia 110 Windows Phone Concept

Vasishta Nagalla tipped this image in of a photoshopped work called the Nokia Lumia 110. Pretty good job who ever made this.

It’s a very basic Nokia Windows Phone. Do you think it could work on a screen as small as this? Perhaps a magnifying glass should be bundled to read the text (though the titles would still be readable).