Traffic on Nokia Drive and has been already available in USA,Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Belgium, Russia, Germany, Finland, UK, France,Spain, Sweden, UAE, and China. Now, we have increased the availability toNetherlands, Mexico, Austria, Switzerland, India, and Ireland as well.

Traffic is one of my favorite features on as it makes my life much easier. For instance, last week there it was again that feeling when the number from my kid’s school appears on my phone while I was in a meeting.  My mind races: Is one of the kids sick? Is it something worse? Usually it’s nothing too bad. But whatever the kids need, you always want to come to the rescue as quickly as possible. For me, plays a big role in easing my mind. Before I even hang up with the school nurse, I’m on, checking the traffic between my office and the school here in Berlin. Nokia Maps gives me real-time updates every five minutes, so I can scan the highways and roads nearby to find the quickest route—and swoop in to save the day! Because what could be worse than caring for a sick child during the middle of a hectic work day? Sitting in a traffic jam on the way to or from the school sure would be.

Nokia Maps is also great when I just want to find my way around in cities I’ve never been before, on holiday with my family or on a business trip. me figure out where to go in each new city, and the best way to get there – whether by foot, car, or public transport. I can plan my unfamiliar route in advance, checking the next train time or the traffic on a local motorway. And when I have time off to explore new places, Nokia Maps helps me manoeuvres unchartered territory when unpaved roads or ferries are more my speed. And as Nokia Drive is available in Nokia Maps Suite for Nokia Belle, I can take my route and my favorite places with me.

If  you live in one of the countries where traffic is available, check the traffic first or from your Nokia smartphone before you head out so you can spend less time commuting. If you have been already using this feature, tell us how it has helped you out in combating traffic!