Update :- Lumia 920 to Come with Wireless Charging and 8mp PureView Camera

Update :- Lumia 920 to Come with Wireless Charging and 8mp PureView Camera

Wireless Charging through hidden strip in the back of the phone 32GB storage 1Gb ram 1.5Ghz Dual Core 4.5″ HD Disaplay 8Mp “PureView” Camera 1.3 MP FFC Nokia is focusing on marketing the Lumia 920 as PureView thanks to some … Continue reading

Symbian UI improvements project

Symbian UI improvements project

Was just doing a round of Nokia Developer (mainly looking for any indication of PR 1.3) and stumbled across what is known as the Symbian UI Improvements project. What it is, is a community effort to bring various ideas together, … Continue reading

Nokia 808 Pureview coming to KSA (Saudi Arabia) in June 2012

Nokia 808 Pureview coming to KSA (Saudi Arabia) in June 2012

Ok, somebody running the Nokia Saudi Arabia account is having a wee bit too much fun; first theWindows 8 Lumias and now a second confirmation date; this time for the Pureview 808- confirmed for a June launch in KSA Translation: “When … Continue reading



WE got some leaked presentation images showing-off upcoming Nokia Lumia Windows Phone handset sporting Nokia’s latest 41 megapixel PureView imaging technology. The handset features a very unusual curved design, including a curved touchscreen and camera bump at the back. The specs according to leaked presentation: 4.3″ Curved touchscreen with HD resolution 41MP sensor, Carl … Continue reading

Top Nokia Related April Fools Posts Aswell as many other tech TROLLS!!!(Enjoy)!

Top Nokia Related April Fools Posts Aswell as many other tech TROLLS!!!(Enjoy)!

This is going to be fairly rushed. Need to study but procrastination has taken over, as usual. Seeing as it is April Fool’s Day. I thought I would post some interesting articles that have popped up over the last 24hours. … Continue reading

Nokia E710 – Communicator ! (Is it a April Fool’s news or is it real !)

Nokia E710 – Communicator ! (Is it a April Fool’s news or is it real !)

Surprise!! Nokia E710 – Communicator Announced Today 12MP Carl Zeiss Lens with PureView Lite Technology Xenon Flash 2x LossLess Zoom Belle FP1 OS 1.3Ghz CPU Next Gen GPU 1GB RAM NFC 4” CBD Gorilla Glass Display 1080P HD Video Recording … Continue reading

AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 sold out of pre-orders? Probably not !

AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 sold out of pre-orders? Probably not !

There are reports being circulated on the web that the AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 has sold out of pre-orders. We’ve received several tips from readers indicating they’ve received notification that reads along the lines of, The items in your order are currently … Continue reading

Leaked Screen Shots of Nokia Carla OS ?

Leaked Screen Shots of Nokia Carla OS ?

Leaked Screen Shots of Nokia Carla OS ? Today, We receive some screenshot of Nokia Carla OS. This upcoming update should be for Trio Nokia Belle (Nokia 701, 700, 603) and also for the upcoming Nokia 808 Pureview from our reliable partner. … Continue reading

Windows Phone 8 (and Tizen 1), Nokia Belle FP1 for Nokia 603, 700, 701 spotted at HTML5 test

Windows Phone 8 (and Tizen 1), Nokia Belle FP1 for Nokia 603, 700, 701 spotted at HTML5 test

Now we can also see Windows Phone 8 on the test as well as Tizen (the spawn of Samsung and Intel, with history in MeeGo and Maemo). http://html5test.com/results-mobile.html The HTML5 score has improved significantly to 298 for WP8, though I … Continue reading

New global survey: most people want to buy a Nokia next!

When people were asked which brand they believed their next phone would be in a recent survey, the most popular answer was Nokia. Read on to find out more about how Nokia is gaining increased traction worldwide.

Nokia 808 PureView: best accessories for Nokia’s best camera phone

The survey was conducted by Vuclip – a popular mobile video company that enables you to search and watch web videos on any video-enabled mobile device. How reliable is Vuclip for a survey of this kind? Well, the number of participants in this survey hit 560,000 – a pretty decent sample size, we’re sure you’ll agree!

And so to the most telling figure: when these global consumers were asked what mobile brand they wanted to buy next, 37 per cent said Nokia. The next most popular answer on 25 per cent was Apple, with BlackBerry close behind on 21 per cent.

These figures just go to show the level of traction Nokia has gained around the world. The company’s strong presence in developing countries is only set to continue with the Asha series, while in established smartphone markets like the UK phones like the Nokia Lumia 900 and the Nokia 808 PureView are making quite a splash.

As an example of Nokia’s global strength, the Vuclip survey listed the top five most popular handsets in three very different countries – Kenya, Syria and Uruguay. Of the 15 available slots, Nokia phones accounted for 11. Indeed, in Kenya all five of the top five devices are Nokia phones. Impressive!

For these and more results – including the most popular mobile search terms around the globe and the role gender plays in mobile preferences – take a look at the full Vuclip survey. It’s an interesting read.

So how about you? Which phone are you eyeing up next, and why? Let us know in the comments section below.

Windows Phone Marketplace apps and games we want on Nokia Belle

Nokia’s partnership with Windows means that the latest Windows Marketplace apps can now be downloaded to Nokia Lumia handsets. But what about other Nokia Belle phones? Here are some Windows Marketplace apps we want to see reach the Nokia Store.

Xbox Live for Windows Phone: Gerbil Physics review


Size: 1MB
Cost: Free
An official Twitter app has yet to make it to the Nokia Store, so it’s one of the many apps we’d love to see on our Nokia Belle smartphones with clear, bright, easy to use menus,  trending topics, real-time search and all those other Twitter features we love.


Size: 1MB
Cost: Free
Just like Twitter, we’ve yet to see an official Flickr app hit the Nokia Store. Flickr from Windows Marketplace lets you share photos in app from your phone’s camera, edit descriptions and browse photos from the Flickr community.

Xbox LIVE 

Size: 1MB
Cost: Free
If you love playing games we can bet you own an Xbox 360. If so then check out the Xbox LIVE app. It lets you check in on your Xbox LIVE profile from your Nokia phone. More of this for Nokia Belle would be great.

Plants vs. Zombies
size: 81MB
Cost: £3.99
Plants vs. Zombies is one of the best, most addictive games ever from PopCap Games – one of the best mobile game publishers around. It features 50 levels of zombie smashing attacking action, a handful of game modes and 20 mini-games.


Size: 1MB

Cost: Free
The Netflix app might be U.S-only for now but with the Netflix service now having arrived in the UK there’s no reason why we cant see it hit the UK, giving access to lots of on-demand movies new and old to watch on your Nokia Belle phone.

Super Monkey Ball

Size: 41MB
Cost: £2.29
Super Monkey Ball has players navigating a monkey in a ball (who’d have thought) past obstacles using your phone’s accelerometer. It would work perfectly on Nokia Belle phones. It’s fun, cute, and addictive, and the perfect game to waste a few minutes on the train.

Ocado On The Go

Size: 4MB
Cost: Free
Ocado is a service that lets you order groceries online for delivery without setting foot in a supermarket. Ocado On The Go lets you do just that from your Nokia Windows Phone. We’re sure Nokia Belle users would love the same convenience.

Any more apps from Windows Marketplace that you’d love to see on the Nokia Store? Let us know!


Folks over Windows Phone Hacker have got access to pre-release version of Windows Phone “Tango” emulator (build 8731). Check out the walkthrough video of emulator showing some of the new features coming-up in Windows Phone Tango such as the new MMS feature, location icon in the status bar, etc.

Download Tango Unlocked Emulator



Nokia 808 PureView – April 23rd, Price- £464.98?

Nokia 808 PureView Sim Free

Following the handset’s officially unveiling at MWC 2012 yesterday, Nokia’s new camera happy smartphone the Nokia 808 PureView has been made available for pre-order in the UK.

Capturing headlines for its staggering 41-megapixel camera inclusion, the 808 PureView was unveiled with no official word from Nokia regarding a release date or pricing information but has since hit online retailers ahead of launch in a matter of months.

Nokia 808 PureView UK Release Date and Price

Although not yet confirmed by Nokia, online retailer Unlocked Mobiles has made the latest Finnish camera phone available for pre-order in the UK with a Nokia 808 PureView UK release date tipped for April 23rd.

Listed as a SIM-free device with subsidising networks yet to be announced, the online handset outlet has posted the newly unveiled device with a premium price tag comparable to that of its Windows Phone touting counterpart the Nokia Lumia 800 as a Nokia 808 PureView price is set at £464.98.


According to OUR reliable sources Nokia is working on two new Windows Phone 8 handsets for AT&T- codenamed Prodigy & AC/DC.

According to the sources close to company’s plans:

Nokia Prodigy is expected to be Nokia’s high-end phone, due later this year, and the AC/DC will be a mid-range handset — both runs on Windows Phone 8 OS and will launch on AT&T. Plans for Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile are unclear.


At MWC12, Nokia announced its camera monster Nokia 808 Pure View, the global variant of  Nokia Lumia 900, and its fourth and most affordable Windows Phone device Lumia 610 with every detail, skipping the most important thing the release dates. WellUK online retailer Mobile Fun has posted release dates for these upcoming Nokia handsets.

According to Mobile Fun release dates are: 

  • Nokia Lumia 610 – 11th June 2012 
  • Nokia Lumia 900 – 9th April 2012
  • Nokia 808 PureView – 7th May 2012