Nokia Malaysia preview of the Nokia Lumia 710 and 800.

Not anything new but supposedly from a media event by Nokia Malaysia. They mention targeting either Nokia smartphone users or new to smartphone folks.

  • Working closely with MS to bring marketplace in Malaysia.
  • When available and how much? Not finalised yet, Nokia working hard to bring this as soon as possible to Malaysia.  Meh, not good enough.
  • Last I remember app submissions were already available for Malaysia. Is the store physically available to end users ?

Wishing you a very Happy prosperous New Year 2012 !



Wishing all the viewers and app owners a prosperous Happy new year 2012.May this year be fruitful to all of us.

May this year bring you Joy ,Happiness ,Good health and cool smart and super phones from “NOKIA”!

Thank you all for your support. Once again, this site would be no where without the participation of our readers, your conversations, your tips, sharing our stories to other places, and of course the team that write here, many of whom began as readers too.  It’s grown to a nice little community where everyone’s willing to chip in to the discussion.

Chris Weber: Why Lumia’s a hit (+more lumia on other US carriers, with many more announcements in coming months)

President of Nokia US, Chris Weber is on Nokia Conversations explaining why Lumia’s a hit.

  • Differing from competition with that clear black display, Nokia Drive, Nokia Music and Nokia’s amazing industrial design (plus WP is different to iOS/Android)
  • He talks a lot of the great things in WP. I think he should stick to talking about Lumia.
  • Nokia maps and ESPN huge apparently. “There will be exciting announcement and additions in the near future, but I can’t say more now.”

The most revealling is the last portion:

I can say that we have been talking to a number of carriers and we’ve been astounded at their overwhelming support. We will be launching more phones on other carriers. The Lumia 710 is the start of a portfolio of products aimed at the United States.

We like to call our Windows Phone Portfolio rollout “rolling thunder”. What this means is that we will have numerous announcements spread throughout the coming months that will offer something for everyone.  In our view, this is a marathon, not  a sprint, and we anticipate being a major player in the US market by this time next year.

Our created apps in Nokia Store are a Big Hit !! Download them and enjoy (Stats below).

We created 7 apps in Nokia Store in which some are paid apps and some are for free! We have got over 30 users using our paid apps on Nokia N9,Nokia N8 etc…..We have crossed 36000 users for free apps by us on Nokia store.We were happy to know that the people were very much delighted to have our apps by polling!! Our apps could be accessed easily by typing “Nokia Keeper” in search bar in Nokia Store! Thanks for your support and we will be providing you the best from us !! Cheers!!!

Paid content

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Published paid items: 16
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Estimated revenue: 1300.14 €
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#1 Romania 0 2 0.00 € 200.59 €
#2 Switzerland 0 2 0.00 € 100.58 €
#3 Slovakia 0 2 0.00 € 100.14 €
#4 South Africa 0 2 0.00 € 100.00 €
#5 Australia 0 1 0.00 € 500.96 €
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#4 My Phone Arena (app wizard 456203) 0 1 0.00 € 2.10 €
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#5 Brazil 251 791

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symbian belle custom firmware



 The custom firmware for Nokia N8 “S^4 Xeon” based on the latest leaked Symbian Belle OS v111.030.0607  updated to v2.1 with new features and fixes.

Changelog S^4 Xeon 2.1:

  • Bug-Fix Wifi Connections-GPRS
  • Matrixmenudata updated
  • the original-style analog clock reset
  • fix system-Various
For further information and installation instruction please visit this discussion forum.

Rofs3 v2.1

General Information:

  • Flash Mode 2.0 -> 2.1 : ” Software Update / Reburbish “
  • Password Archive: ^ 4 Xeon
  • Default language Italian
  • Using Phoenix 2011 to flash this firmware
  • before the flash is recommended to perform a Hard Reset + Formatting Mass Memory
  • Run the flash mode ” Dead Phone USB Flashing “
  • I remind you that NO I take no responsibility ‘in case of damage / problems of any kind arising from the Flash / Using this firmware on your terminal.
More Help:

Note:- Installing custom firmware is extremely dangerous, Try this at your own risk, SymbianTweet is not responsible for any damage.

Nokia Music Unlimited goes DRM Free in India

At the “Amazing Everyday” Nokia Lumia launch event in Mumbai yesterday, the Nokia India executives kept mentioning that something huge is coming to Nokia Music starting 2012, but wouldn’t share what it was.

Nokia Ovi Music Unlimited

Today, while downloading the latest chartbuster in India “Why this kolaveri di”, I noticed that instead of the usual DRMed WMA file, what I had was a simple MP3 file.

To check whether this was specifically for that one off song or the entire music store, I went ahead and downloaded a song which for which I still have the old WMA DRM protected file. To my surprise, the file I downloaded today was a DRMless MP3 file. I played the track on an ANDROID device to check, and the file worked fine.

I am not sure if this is what the Nokia India executives were talking about at the event, but nonetheless, this is a major development! DRM has been nothing but a pain & hindrance in daily use.

This is the old DRM protected WMA file

Speedy Singhs DRm

This is the new DRM free MP3 file

Speedy Singhs DRM Free

Nokia Lumia 800 sales going way better than previously reported !

The other day we told you about the Pacific Crest analyst James Faucette prediction that Nokia WP devices will have a dismal quarter and will hardly sell the targeted quarter million units. Now we’ve got some sites closer to Nokia saying that the report was basically full of it and the demand for the Lumia 800 is quite high.

And here come some facts to back up those claims. The Nokia Lumia is the second most-popular smartphone in the Vodafone UK website, just behind the black iPhone 4S. What’s more the cyan version of the WP smartphone comes in third and that one is still on pre-order.

The online store of the Netherlands carrier KPN tells a similar story, with the Nokia Lumia 800 the second best-selling smartphone there. Some other Dutch stores also list the Lumia 800 as sold out, though we are not sure if that’s due to high interest or low supply.

We also got word that many Orange stores in UK are out of Nokia Lumia 800 units to sell.

We’ll only know for sure when the Q4 numbers came in, but for now it seems there’s more truth to the Nokia reports that they are having the best first week of sales so far, than to that Pacific Crest analysis.

Nokia N9 best antenna performance so far

Nokia Conversations is reporting on Antenna Man Sam and Nokia’s research Centre where they’re testing out, amongst various things, Antenna performance.

Apparently the Nokia N9 clad in polycarbonate for Antenna performance, is indeed top of the chart. The similarly designed Lumia 800 supposedly is yet to be tested.

Nokia Smartphone shipments still ahead in China for Q3


GSM Arena is reporting on some smartphone shipments stats in Q3. Furthermore, the number of shipments grew to 23.9M – that’s 58% by their count. In US however, the numbers apparently fell 7% to 23.3m.

Making up the most sales in China is Nokia at 28.5% or 6.8m, Samsung not too distant at 17.6% with 4.2M units.  China is a very important market for Nokia with Nokia users in China in excess of mobile users worldwide for any other manufacturer. However it’s not a completely pretty picture as competition is gaining ground. Cheaper and knock off versions at low end, and likes of ZTE and iPhone at top. Nokia plans to launch the Nokia Lumia in China in the spring of 2012 which should help bolster up their high end offerings.

Top of the USA is HTC and Apple, neither of which though shipped as much as Nokia in China.

The US is still the works largest smartphone market by revenue, but China has displaced the USA in terms of volume.

Symbian Belle ‘will soon be available’ page updated for Nokia N8/E7


Hmm, well last weeks rumour that Belle would be here in a week or so still hasn’t appeared (or have I missed something?). It’s still November…there’s still time. And Q4 doesn’t officially end until December 31:p.

It seems though that the Belle coming soon page has been updated with N8 and E7 along with X7, E6 and 500.

I can’t wait for this to get on my N8! (I mean the official one, not the various leaks some of you guys have been brave enough to try).