Personalise your Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 in under 5 minutes

Personalise your Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 in under 5 minutes

Whether you’re rocking the flagship Nokia Lumia 920 or the more mainstream Nokia Lumia 820, Windows Phone 8 allows for a host of ways to personalise your smartphone. Here we look at what you need to know to make your Lumia truly yours. … Continue reading

Nokia Lumia 610, 710, 800 and 900 spec comparison: Processors

Nokia Lumia 610, 710, 800 and 900 spec comparison: Processors

The Nokia Lumia range will soon be four-strong, but what are the technical differences between the Nokia Lumia 610, Nokia Lumia 710, Nokia Lumia 800 and the Nokia Lumia 900? In the first part of a new series we take a look at the difference … Continue reading

Nokia Lumia 900 – the ultimate gaming smartphone?

More and more people are doing their gaming on a smartphone rather than (or as well as) a console, and there are plenty of excellent devices out there for that purpose. But could the new Nokia Lumia 900 be the ultimate gaming smartphone? We take a closer look at its gaming credentials.

Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone: What the experts are saying

The main selling point for the Nokia Lumia 900 if you’re a gamer is its compatibility with Xbox Live. As with other Windows Phone devices, you can hook up to your account, check out your achievements and Gamerscore, see when friends are online and more. You can even control your Xbox 360 console with your Lumia 900 by downloading the free Xbox Companion app, which is rather cool.

Then there are the dedicated Xbox Live games that have been created specifically for Windows Phone devices like the Nokia Lumia 900. These feature exclusives such as Chickens Can’t Fly alongside the best versions of classics such as Angry Birds and Flight Control. What makes them the best? Achievements, of course!

The Nokia Lumia 900 will be a highly capable gaming device in its own right, then. In pure technical terms, it will have a 1.4GHz CPU and a dedicated Adreno 205 GPU.  Those obsessed with such tech specs might point out that the Nokia Lumia 900 lacks the multi-core architecture and top-end GPU that some rival smartphones boast. What these people often forget is that most smartphone games developers design their games around the weakest link in the chain – the slowest device for that platform – so as to maximise compatibility.

Now consider that most Windows Phone devices have at least a 1GHz CPU, and that even the forthcoming entry-level Nokia Lumia 610 will have a capable 800MHz CPU and the same Adreno 205 GPU as the rest of the range. This means that the base level of performance is very high indeed, resulting in games of the quality of ilomilo and The Harvest.

But enough with the tech nerd stuff already! The Nokia Lumia has a very capable processor, but it’s no different to the Nokia Lumia 800s or the Nokia Lumia 710s. And all that Xbox Live stuff? You can do that on those other devices too. What is different, though, is the Nokia Lumia 900’s screen.

At 4.3-inches it’s the biggest Nokia Lumia screen yet – more than half an inch bigger than the Nokia Lumia 800’s display. This will have a very positive impact on games, as you’ll be able to see more of the screen at any one time – a common issue for touchscreen-driven games where your fingers are necessarily in the way.

The Lumia 900’s screen isn’t just the biggest in the range, it’s also the best. It features a superior form of AMOLED panel to the Lumia 800’s, resulting in a clearer and sharper picture – perfect for games.

So, the Nokia Lumia 900 will have one of the strongest processors in the Windows Phone range, a fantastic (and rapidly expanding) range of games and that gorgeous 4.3-inch screen. Is it the ultimate gaming smartphone, then? We couldn’t say, but it’s certainly one of the best.

Over to you – do you think the Nokia Lumia 900 has the potential to be the best gaming smartphone around? Let us know in the Comments section below.